Opel, the brand that produces the Corsa and Astra, may arrive in Brazil in the coming years  video

Opel, the brand that produces the Corsa and Astra, may arrive in Brazil in the coming years video

Opel announced this Friday (10) its business strategy for the coming years. The company’s executive president, Michael Lohscheller, said that the manufacturer could begin operations in Brazil in the coming years.

During the speech, the president of the company said that the brand should expand its activities and reach 20 new markets in the next 4 years. This list does not include Brazil.

The country’s plans, according to Lohscheller, are “medium-term”, without a more precise definition of time. Opel’s operation in Brazil will also depend on whether the opportunity exists. The situation is the same as in China.

Opel was bought by the French group PSA, owner of the Peugeot, Citroën and DS brands, in March this year. The operation was completed in August. Until then, Opel belonged to GM. The contract was worth 2.2 billion euros, and the purchase was completed in August this year.

When contacted, PSA do Brasil said that, at the moment, there is no forecast for the arrival of Opel in the country. However, the company said that, if profitable, the German brand could land here in the medium or long term.

In addition to Brazil, Lohscheller mentioned China as a destination for Opel cars. However, there were no further details on when the operation starts, or on the models that will be sold.

This was the first presentation of Opel’s strategy after PSA acquired the German manufacturer.

The first objective of PSA and UK Opel and Vauxhall will be to put the companies “in the blue” again. The two former GM brands have been running in red since 1999.

With the purchase of Opel, PSA is expected to overtake Renault to become the second largest car manufacturer in Europe, with a market share of 16%. Volkswagen has 24%.

Opel Astra – Photo: Advertising

Opel never had an official representation in Brazil. But, indirectly, the Brazilian public knows the German manufacturer well.

Popular models, which were sold by Chevrolet do Brasil, such as Corsa, Vectra, Meriva, Astra and Zafira, for example, were manufactured by Opel. In Europe, all models were sold under the brand name of the German manufacturer.

Some of them, like Corsa, Astra and Zafira, for example, are still sold, in updated generations.

Opel Meriva, which was sold in Brazil under the Chevrolet brand – Photo: Disclosure

In addition to announcing expansion into new markets, Opel also announced some goals for the coming years. One of them is to reduce the cost of production by 700 euros per unit.

In addition, Opel and Vauxhall will use Peugeot-Citroën’s CMP and EMP2 systems in all their factories. The goal is to reduce from 9 systems to 2 by 2024. The number of engine families will also decrease from 10 to 4.

Another 2024 goal is to provide hybrid and electric options for all vehicle families.

Over the next few years, a new generation of Corsa and a new SUV will arrive, which will use the EMP2 platform.