Opel Rocks-e (2021).  German twin Citroen Ami

Opel Rocks-e (2021). German twin Citroen Ami

Rose Register: Citroën Ami has had a twin sister. As with city cars, MPV and services, partnerships within the Stellantis group have enabled the German brand to emulate a small French bicycle-riding bicycle, which thus becomes the Opel Rocks-e. It is enough to replace Adam and Karl’s small cars that were removed from the list. The name can also be seen as a direct nod to these two models, which were present in the rock formations.

German Friend Partner

Like Ami, Opel Rocks-e has doors that open opposite. Initially, but above all the more economical since the opportunities are the same!

As a Friend, the Opel Rocks-e is an electric bicycle with a height of 2.41 meters without a license. It can be operated from the age of 15 in Germany, where it will initially be released exclusively. The model is similar to Ami and has two seats. Its rear-facing doors and matching front and rear surfaces are designed to reduce costs. Opel style is no different, especially the light gray grille that activates the new face of the logo (ViZor). Covers with specific yellow touches – Opel’s favorite color – are part of the distinctive feature.

The front and back sections are also identical to reduce manufacturing and repair costs in the event of a snag.
opel rocks and grille
The light gray grille with the Opel logo activates Vizor’s new signature.

A 6 kW electric engine is considered. It still offers a top speed of 45 km / h. The 5.5 kWh battery provides 75 miles of freedom. Regarding recharging, it can be done at home with regular electricity in 3 and a half hours.

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Only in Germany to start

opel rocks-e interior
Inside, yellow touches illuminate the palace, which is similar to that of Ami de Citroën.

Previously, Opel Rocks-e will be available for order only in Germany, online or on the Opel retailer network. Three levels of equipment will be offered: Rocks-e, Klub and TeKno. The first examples will be given in the fall. The arrival of other markets is planned later, from 2022. At the moment, Opel is not communicating about the arrival of the model in France facing a Friend.

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