Opel Mokka 2021 Trial: A fully equipped engine

Opel Mokka 2021 Trial: A fully equipped engine

It looks bright and stands out in the crowd of small SUVs and its design: there is no question, the new Opel Mokka 2021 has a lot to offer. But just looking good is not enough. Nowadays, small SUVs should be easy and comfortable to drive, providing comfort and space in the interior and, with minimal fuel consumption, logo markers and modern features on board. The Opel Mokka 2021 test with real purpose-built weapon like an engine shows if this mini-SUV can be convincing throughout.

Anything but normal: that Design of Opel Mokka 2021 conveys pure energy and stimulates emotions, especially as the Opel Mokka GS Line sports. The new, unmistakable Opel Vizor immediately catches the eye on the fast-moving front. As with a full-size metal helmet, the protective visor covers Opel’s new surface, which easily integrates the car grille, thin LED lights and Opel’s newly designed balcony into a single feature. A flexible IntelliLux LED matrix light and therefore non-abrasive with a total of 14 LED components is also available – not uncommon in this class. As a partner, there are thin LED back lights, which look very nice.

If it wants, Opel Mokka GS Line, which, among other things, dynamically contoured bonnet, roof, columns, window frames and roof edge spoiler are painted in black thus creating an interesting contrast to the car painting. At the same time, the red design line gives the roof extra light. Diamond-cut rims, with three tones in 18 inches and a protective front facing back and forth are equally impressive. Mocha is modern and clean, without exaggeration.

Run the Opel Mokka 1.2 Turbo: Its power and actual use

Who is there Opel Mocha for 1.2 liter three-cylinder turbo gasoline engine determines, finds an engine that shows its power in the city, but also has enough equipment for country trips. The engine works at a high level 130 hp with a maximum torque of 230 Nm as early as 1,750 rpm. The wide range of torque – at least 95 percent of the maximum is between 1,500 and 3,750 revolutions – has an effect. Opel Mokka 1.2 Turbo in smooth interactions and exchanges 8-speed automatic completely alive.

Opel Mokka is not an athlete, it speeds up with 130 hp inside 9.2 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h and ends his motion with a The top speed is 200 km / h. If the gas pedal is pressed down properly to move faster, the three-cylinder engine sounds louder, which also has its own gravity, but it grows more and more when you turn it off. However, higher revs are not just needed, as the engine is already showing its exciting side in the middle rev.

The Opel Mokka 2021 chassis takes up a lot of bumps on the road and is easy and safe to drive, especially in the city. The steering is quite precise and allows for smooth driving. It can be felt that Mokka can undoubtedly provide faster access to winding country roads. But sports driving style is hampered by the electronic stability program (ESP).

Of course use of WLTP is an average Opel Mokka 1.2 Turbo in conjunction with an 8-speed automatic. 5.9 to 6.0 liters of fuel per 100 km. No wonder: In practice, we get 6.1 liters per 100 kilometers with a standard driving style.

Opel Mokka 2021 Interior: A good accent to a new level

Also in Interior Opel Mokka 2021 the makers know how to set the accent wisely and elevate the quality of the interior to a new level compared to its predecessor. The pilot room is open, with the upper part of the dashboard attractive with smooth touch surfaces. The front door insert also largely includes smooth surfaces. Hard plastic is used only on the back. But still: everything is well processed. Give extra pep to Opel Mokka GS Line interesting decorative pieces in red, sports leather steering wheel and flat bottom and aluminum sports pedals.

The Opel Mokka is a small car. However, people up to 2.00 meters tall can fit comfortably in the front seats. At the back, the head room would be enough for a 1.90-meter-long passenger. Unfortunately, the space is limited by legroom tight, so that it gets a little cramped in the back seats, so that only about 1.70 meters in height passengers can sit comfortably there. Even warm leather comfort seats with perforated covers and a massage function for the driver are available. In addition, the sporty Alcantara with beautiful classical leather interiors can be ordered – no doubt for a small car.

Infotainment Opel Mokka 2021: Everything is fully digital

A neat cockpit Opel Insignia Sports Tourer 2021 two large screens with sharp images dominate. Behind the steering wheel is a 12-inch or 30.5-inch display with drawings that are easy to read, and on the right is a 10 or 25.4-inch touch screen. infotainment system set. At the same time, the navigation system provides real-time traffic reports. Clearly designed, the functionality of the touch screen is proven to be understandable. Buttons and controls are still available for some important features such as sound, movement, air conditioning and sound.

In order to be able to use smart apps via the car’s touch screen, the Connection via “Android Auto” and “Apple CarPlay” by throwing. Suitable smart phones can be charged wirelessly through a charging station via a voice tag connected to Opel Mokka. In addition, Mokka has a USB port on the front and two USB ports on the back.

Driver support systems Opel Mokka: Well equipped in its class

Lots of modern support systems anxiety while driving Opel Insignia Sports Tourer 2021 for more comfort and security. The portfolio is among the most common front-facing warning system systems with automatic emergency brakes and pedestrian detection to sleep detection and departure warning for traffic controllers and motion controllers. Upon request, the offer can be supplemented with systems such as an automatic control system, which automatically applies the brakes and acceleration, automatic exit warning system, automatic parking assistant, which steers the steering wheel, and a rear panel degree camera. 180..

Stem: Neat, compatible with Opel Mokka 2021

Like a small SUV, Opel Insignia Sports Tourer 2021 respectful 350 liter stem volume. For loading and unloading, however, cargo and purchases should be lifted on a relatively high sill. However, the flat payment point inside proves to be a relief. Je! The rear seats are folded downMokka provides an almost flat surface and the loading volume increases 1,105 liters. Unfortunately, when the double loading floor is in the upper position, there is a gap between the loading floor and the rear seats (sloping down) in which small objects may fall.

Opel Mokka 2021 – Conclusions and prices:

yes Opel Insignia Sports Tourer 2021 it sets a new accent with its attractive design and is characterized by better driving characteristics compared to its predecessor. What’s more: in its class, the new Mokka offers comprehensive security equipment – and all of that at a reasonable price. Opel Mokka with 100 hp gasoline engine is already available from 19,990 euros. The best equipment version with 130 hp is available from 22,815 euros.

Description of Opel Mokka 1.2 Turbo (130 hp):

Height x width x height: 4.151 meters x 1.791 x 1.531 (width and exterior mirrors: 1.981 meters)
Wheel base: 2.557 meters
Car type: front wheel drive
Three-cylinder turbo gasoline engine: 1,199 cm³
Output: 96 kW / 130 hp at 5,500 rpm
Torque: 230 Nm at 1,750 rpm
Type of transmission: 8-speed automatic
Top speed: 200 km / h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 9.2 seconds
Counter weight (according to EU and driver): 1,295 kg
Average consumption (according to NEDC): 4.9 l / 100 km
Average usage (according to WLTP): 5.9 – 6.0 l / 100 km
CO2 emissions (according to NEDC): 111 – 113 g / km
CO2 emissions (according to WLTP): 133 – 137 g / km
Delivery Rate: Euro 6d
Effective level of CO2: B
Stem volume: 350 – 1,105 liters
Price: from 24,765 euros

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