Opel is preparing a crossover, a combination of sedan and SUV that will be electric

Opel is preparing a crossover, a combination of sedan and SUV that will be electric

The electrified brand has never lived up to its name well as it wants to go all-electric in 2028. With a little more than five years left to reach this goal, the German brand is already starting to announce its arrival. future electric models. The first of them will answer to the name Manta, like that of the Opel Manta coupé that was sold from 1970 to 1988. The coupé that was brought back to the forefront by Opel last year, when the German company presented the Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD. , Opel’s revised Opel Manta that was fitted with a 147 hp electric motor and modern design features. We thought then that the brand will create a new Manta coupe, it is not.

The 1973 Opel Manta converted to the Manta GSe ElektroMOD receives a Vizor at the front, this is a fair advantage since it was the Manta coupe that inspired the designers to create the original grille that adorns all new models.

Distance up to 700 km

The future model of the Opel Manta will however show the appearance of a coupé, but that of a sedan, a five-door coupé SUV, a hybrid of hell. Like Peugeot, which launches the Peugeot 408, Opel will also have its own crossover, but unlike the French model that uses the base of the Peugeot 308, the German model will use the new STLA Medium modular platform, a technical base with the ability to receive electricity. motors from power between 170 and 245 hp and batteries from 87 to 104 kWh for a range of nearly 700 km. There will be no heat engines in the engine compartment of the Opel Manta-e SUV, only electricity. This model should have other cousins ​​in Stellantis since the next generation DS 7, the new DS coupe SUV and the SUV in Lancia will use the same base and the same electric motors.

Stellantis accelerates to become digital

This new model, which will arrive in 2025, will benefit from the latest technical developments in terms of advanced materials. It will also be able to rely on the new architecture of the STLA Brain software, which will integrate voice control and payment services that allow Opel to offer its customers subscriptions, quarterly updates, etc. Stellantis also talks about online data sharing (interviews, schedules, etc.), provided the driver agrees. Stellantis turned to partners BMW, Foxconn, Wymo… to accelerate its digital transformation, to achieve the fastest development in artificial intelligence, autonomous driving. Additionally, the Opel Manta-e should benefit from a modern autonomous driving system.

It is connected to the whole world

Thanks to the large wheelbase, the Opel Manta-e will easily accommodate five adults in its cabin, which should receive large digital screens connected to the Cloud to be able to benefit from the various and varied uses that allow the driver and his passengers. fully integrated. With this new car and its electrification project, Opel is thinking a lot as the German brand wants to relaunch the Chinese market. A difficult market, but one that is the largest car market in the world and one that Opel thinks has a say.

Opel Manta-e future SUV in ten points

  • Crossover (sedan, SUV, coupe), five doors, five seats
  • STLA Central Forum
  • It is expected to arrive in 2025
  • Production in Melfi, Italy
  • 100% electric car
  • Power of electric motors: from 170 to 254 hp
  • Freedom: 700 km
  • Technical cousin of the future DS 7, DS coupé SUV, Lancia SUV
  • Four-wheel drive option with two electric motors
  • Price: from €60,000*

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