Opel Astra plug-in hybrid: a successful compromise

Opel Astra plug-in hybrid: a successful compromise

POpel offers Astra as a PHEV directly from the market launch.
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You still have to wait a bit for the Opel Astra as a pure electric model. But compact design is already available as a plug-in hybrid.

The new Astra continues to be sold these days. Reason enough to present what is perhaps the most important Opel for a daily trial. It is still not available as a pure electric car, but as a hybrid of plug-in (PHEV). A temporary electrician with an outlet is also the highest figure in the series and can be ordered from 38,650 euros in the Business Quality edition.

Above is the GS Line (40,350 euros and Ultimate (euros 44,410).

A design that looks interesting

The slightly yellowish gold tone fits Rüsselsheimer well. At the same time, people are accustomed to a new brand image. The change was not difficult because Opel called the Vizor wide grill, the visor, but the car did not look like a military one at all.

In fact, it seems to be more friendly than most current charging models, which seeks to emphasize their perceived importance with a large grill and extravagant appearance. Astra’s design is harmonious, sporty and elegant, but not smooth.

Appearance modern and state-of-the-art: Opel Astra cockpit. Photo: Opel

At 4.37 meters, the new Astra is more complex than its predecessor, but thanks to the new platform it offers more interior space. Which in turn is especially appealing in high-end devices with electrically adjustable ergonomic seats, which are very comfortable and suitable for long trips. Opel employees take pride in their spacious, well-designed, well-maintained cockpit and integrated ventilation space. That looks interesting, although the actual display looks normal in size according to current standards.

Driving information only on a small display

Driving information is shown on a small display, but quite adequate. However, you can not change it often and arrange it around freely. Opel lets you change the appearance by touching the button on the left vertical column stack, which then puts the forward one, otherwise you can use the right vertical column stalk to change the on-computer board levels. Nothing more and that is quite enough, especially since all the important information, including navigation, can be read in the most beautiful display of the head on the windshield.

The common advantages and disadvantages of deep digital placement and network connection with all the information and associated discomfort can be found in the large display above the central setting.
The operation is intuitive at the touch of a finger and the device’s responses are fast enough. The controversial issue was the reception of DAB radio, which was often rapidly changing and reverting between analog and digital and sometimes could not be determined. And we would like to be able to turn off the center display by pressing a button while driving at night, instead of turning off all displays horizontally. But the connection of your own smartphone via Apple CarPlay was electronic fast and fully functional.

Touch operation is not exaggerated

Thankfully, Opel has refrained from controlling all operations through touch. There are real sound and climate control buttons as well as a switch to the first screen.

Although modern cars are now evolving into laptops and gaming centers, the main focus is still speed. In this regard, the Astra is well installed. The chassis is comfortable, but at the same time accurate enough to enable the compulsion to set the corner happily.

180 hp system power

Using the hybrid e-power hybrid in terms of 180 hp system performance, the Astra can be transferred through games. However, this contradicts the idea of ​​reducing the CO2 of the driving concept, according to which as many parts of the possible paths should be covered only electronically. This is easy to do in everyday life if you often travel short distances.

Opel Astra has been successful in the eyes. Photo: Opel

Anyone who chooses a plug-in as a diesel alternative to cover long distances is also at fault with Astra. Then the consumption values ​​jump to 7 liters and more, the power column drops to less than 30 km. The end is because hybrid control is a learning system. During a week of regular charging on the home wall box as well as electric drive, the potential electric field increases according to the display up to values ​​of about 50 km and that is possible.

In this case, we found the consumption values ​​of less than 3 liters on our home route of more than 100 miles, half of which was on the highway. Anyone driving less than 40 miles a day, like most travelers, can do so without the use of a turbo gasoline engine if he is careful. As a family car with the option of driving on gasoline over long distances, the Astra is a successful compromise on the electric car route. And one fun one. It doesn’t even have to be more. (SP-X)

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