Opel Astra (2022) challenges Peugeot 308

Opel Astra (2022) challenges Peugeot 308

Taken by PSA in 2017, which became Stellantis in early 2021, Opel is updating its ranks gradually by taking advantage of the recently implemented technical developments in Citroën, DS and Peugeot. So, even if Astra harvest 2022 beautifully unlike its “blue-white-red” cousins, these lend themselves to their latest generation chassis (EMP2), their gasoline engines, diesel and plug-ins, as well as their media content. Rüsselsheim engineers bring their home layouts, with more German typing!

In terms of design, the design is successful, with a “bon chic bon” look that is more satisfying than the previous Astra. Its fake Volkswagen Golf 8 air in the rear treatment is of course no stranger to it … It is hardly any way to mix it with its French copies, the Peugeot 308 which in turn shows a more athletic design, if not to say. tortured… However we find some common features by playing the game of seven errors (mirrors and door handles, for example), as well as the same proportions. In smaller centimeters, in height as in height, in favor of Opel.

Despite their unusual architecture, these two compact sedans reflect very different personalities.

Imitation is more obvious when lifting hats, our gasoline versions are moving with use 3-cylinder 1.2 turbo PureTech, designed under the PSA era. For now, we have abandoned the entry-level version of 110 hp to focus on the version required to ensure maximum sales: 130 hp, connected to a standard six-speed manual, eight-speed automatic. requiring an additional € 1,800 (Opel) to € 2,000 (Peugeot). Above all, this engine offers access to a wide range of fine options from two developers, including the GS Line base line, on the German side, and the Allure Pack in the French camp, which is featured at regular destinations and close prices. So it’s a tough match that’s approaching …

Price of Opel Astra versus Peugeot 308

No Opel anymore for “democratic” prices. Those of the new Astra have increased by almost € 3,000 compared to the old version and similar version. leaves! To make matters worse, our version of the 1.2 Turbo GS Line has already increased by € 1,300 since it was released in February last year. Not too long ago, in our opinion, the increase was also accompanied by a steady pace in Sochaux, and an increase in raw materials. At present, € 850 separates our two fighters on behalf of the French.

Equilibrium does not tend to go one way or the other by adding common materials. Because the Opel is adorned with warm ergonomic seats labeled AGR (German company dedicated to spinal health), the steering wheel is also heated with a 360 °, optional visual camera in Peugeot, unfortunately claiming € 700 to benefit from GPS ( yes!) and € 150 for the introductory charger, automatically distributed at 308. Which also has a blind section monitoring system (€ 550 pack with half-outonomic operation on Opel).

Opel Astra GS Line vs Peugeot 308 Allure Pack.

Unfortunately, the female lion forces the customer to choose the best device (GT) if he wants to afford a solar roof or 18-inch alloy wheels. € 1,000 per solar roof), plus high display (€ 1,250 plus included GPS). Elsewhere, it is a fugitive, with the help of a road setting, a flexible transport controller, panel reading, LED headlights / automatic lights, 10-inch digital instruments, belt air-conditioning two, hands-free key and Apple CarPlay wireless. and Android Auto connection for everyone. The lowest level, today, at this level of frequencies …


opel astra 2022 versus peugeot 308
For this first duel, the cousins ​​of the Stellantis group compete in the 130 hp gasoline version. Heart of the column, for Opel as for Peugeot.

Despite their common technical basis, these two compacts do not provide the same driving sensation. In terms of performance, very supportive and therefore not too low on the Astra board. Its steering wheel needs more maneuvering in turn, while the 308’s smaller steering wheel, with its pleasing feel, allows the car to be placed “in millimeters” without having to turn over. This extra trick highlights the playfulness and speed of the French car, which is less playful than the previous generation, as we have said several times, but it is still devilish when it comes to the straps. The French touch !

Even if he sometimes gives a sense of inadequacy (he accuses, it is, of course, 83 kg more in scale), Astra also shows incredible balance, with excellent gravity on the dry road with the rear axle closed down. It also benefits from a stable horizontal stand. But also a better gearbox than a female lion, tad cartilaginous… Unfortunately, the two cars come together in moderation when it comes to rear view, which is much smaller. Suffice it to say that the rear camera, common in both camps, is welcome here during the operation of the parking lot, given the importance of blind spots.

opel astra petrol 130 hp
Driving Opel Astra.
peugeot 308 2022 test
On the Peugeot 308 wheel.

Yellow card again for 308 about reading his instrument. The popular Cockpit, a medium height between classical equipment and a head display, forces the steering wheel down to the level of the thighs so as not to hide all or part of the counters. For the Opel Astra, the design is certainly not completely original, but the board details have the potential to remain fully readable through the hoop edge, regardless of the driving space passed …

The Opel Corsa – based on the Peugeot 208 – left us with a bitter taste and its hard suspension. So we expected a similar inconvenience when comparing the Astra with the 308, whose soft pillow is one of the main assets. Interestingly, this German proves to be caring, including the 18-inch large wheels of our test model. Small blood or thick ass, it digests! Probably better than a franc-comtoise, slightly frozen on someuts.

opel astra
Comfort is at the meeting at the wheel of the new Astra. It even filters a few errors better than 308.
peugeot 308
Accurate operation, weak front axle and overall speed: 308 respects the Lions’ reputation in terms of ground connections.

The best soundproofing as well, which the Frenchman, rather than brilliant on this topic, had prepared for us. Their “three feet”, and their characteristic hum, can only be heard in high-pitched voices, where you sometimes have to sit down to get the best additions, the last two gears of their transmission, longer, and further promote use.approximately 7 l / 100 km on average in both cases, relying on computers on the board) rather than performance). That is to say, this is not a joke: some 4 cylinder competitors do not offer as much excitement as the small one with a 1.2 charge when the light turns green …


It is amazing how designers, though starting from a certain number of common objects, can create a different world like these two rooms. Calm is a must in Rüsselsheim, fireworks in Sochaux! An impressive 308, and the cockpit covers the driver with an abundance of “stylish” equipment, of very good quality. The digital is definitely on board, be it a customizable instrument, a touch screen or an i-Toggles bar that allows you to create shortcuts to access your channel directly. your favorite radio station, Apple CarPlay menu, repeating GPS. where you are going or someone else’s important phone number. However, it does take a bit of practice to understand the tricks of the system, which requires three tricks, for example, to disable the installation of a path installation (it interferes a little with our taste), which reconnects without saying anything for each start …

interior opel astra
Not much more attractive than French, Astra does not offer a modern, dashboard with broken digital screens.
peugeot 308 interior
No other compact car offers such an exciting driving experience as the 308! The assumed quality exists.

Punishment similar to Astra, whose interactions are exactly the same, the drawings are excluded. German engineers, however, had a good idea of ​​installing climate controls, without the main screen. More practical every day! The large “Clean Panel” plate, which consists of two screens, which in essence consists of trimpe-l’oeil trim in black plastic lined, however, is a little “knock”, such as red dashboards on the dashboard and door panels, too. Less stylish than pieces of Peugeot 308 fabric, accentuated by a soft light strip in a color that can be customized to suit you. Too bad, because some furniture looks proud and the assemblies are as clean as Peugeot.

opel astra viti agr
German seats, the approved AGR (German standard for spinal health) is common on the GS Line finish.
peugeot 308 front seats
It’s just beautiful, 308 seats! But these ergonomic leather models will save you € 2,100 …

Another common denominator, less glorious: the rear seats “engoncées” (the upper line of the belt), is totally unacceptable for adding cars of this size. If room is important to you, choose a Volkswagen Golf or Seat Leon instead! Astra, however, offers a little extra space in the knees. A similar test on the trunk side, with 422 liters on Opel loan (10 more than 308 liters), including space available under a two-space floor shelf. The small conservation trick that the French unfortunately remains deprived of. This helps with large pockets on the doors and an additional USB socket on the back (only one for Astra credit). But in the end, the cousins ​​play again and again …

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