one year below the standards.  But look to the future

one year below the standards. But look to the future

George Russell in the Italian GP: the Englishman’s performance is one of the highlights of the year for Mercedes.

Photo: Mercedes AMG F1 / Advertising

After winning an eighth consecutive championship, a feat never before seen in F1, Mercedes revived the W13, a stunning aerodynamic concept car, causing a stir in pre-season testing in Bahrain. Beyond all expectations after the 2021 season, Silver Arrow’s performance was expected to be as impressive as its appearance, but that’s not what we saw.

As soon as the formation of the group led by Mike Elliott (who took over from James Allison) touched the 4 wheels on the ground, it was almost unanimous that this model would be difficult to understand. That outrageous jump got in the way of the plans seen in the Brackley simulation, where it proved the W13 was the car to beat in the wind tunnel.

The porpoising effect was ignored by the Estrela de Três Pontas team, which forced the car to rise higher than the appropriate height, mainly to avoid the problem that plagues land vehicles. According to Toto Wolff, Elliott, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, the team’s trainers worked tirelessly through testing sessions and updates to fix the problem. Today, the car is much smaller, but it still suffers from having a very narrow configuration window, as it was designed to ride very low to generate a high impact on the floor and with a very strong suspension.

That said, if the W13 is faced with a bumpy or bumpy track, it really struggles to find the right setup and loses a lot of performance. However, Brackley has won 13 podiums this season, some to his own credit, some due to his overreliance and the misfortunes of others. No team has climbed so high on the podium without winning a single season. By Mercedes standards, it’s a poor brand.

Drivers and officials say the team is exploring several directions before making a decision on the W14, a project for the 2023 season, which could be seen with more “normal” exhausts and another suspension design, but could also retain the current concept. major revisions.

It is known that Mercedes has always proved to be the winner, not only in the current race, but also between 1954/1955, when it swept the competition. When it officially returned as a team in 2010, the team won the podium, but the W02 was inferior to the W01. Starting with the W03, we saw a rise in performance from Mercedes, which continued with the W04 and, finally, the long reign of F1 that began in the turbo-hybrid era.

Therefore, Mercedes is a team that should not be ignored. The W13 E Performance changes are proof that the team knows how to overcome problems. However, like any top team, they don’t just want to fight for the podium and seek victory. Confirming what Toto Wolff said, the next 2 months will be important for the definition of W14 and then, we will be able to see the story of Brackley’s victory.

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