One of the most expensive roads in the world has opened on Reunion Island

One of the most expensive roads in the world has opened on Reunion Island

Announced as “the most expensive road in the world”, the section connecting Saint-Denis and La Possession has opened. The first part, anyway.

It is one of the biggest projects of this century for France, and more specifically for Vinci and Bouygues, who have been working on it for a few years now. The road connecting Saint-Denis and La Possession was opened yesterday to Reunionese who will therefore be able to prevent (within a few years) overcrowding and above all the national danger 1. This concrete “sea snake” will be more than 14 kilometers long when it is finished, but at the moment, road users can only take it in part, from Saint-Denis to Grande Chaloupe.

The road away from the rocks

This section will allow Reunioners to avoid taking this famous national road 1 along the cliffs due to weather events. To take advantage of the 12.5 km “coastal road” (NRL), however it will be necessary to be patient since the end of the work is not planned before 2030 (10 years late!). And by then, the budget could explode again: it was originally planned to be 1.6 billion euros, but we should be around 2.2 billion euros. At the moment, the NRL operates only in the direction of Saint-Denis-La Grande Chaloupe, and only on two routes.

Above all, this road will be “the most expensive in the world”. But how long? The largest canal in the world, connecting Denmark and Germany (Fehmarnbelt), will open in 2029. 18 kilometers of road under the Baltic Sea, for a total amount of about … 7 billion euros!

It has been published 08/29/2022 Updated 08/29/2022