One of Elvis Presley’s Cadillacs is up for sale… in Sweden

One of Elvis Presley’s Cadillacs is up for sale… in Sweden

Elvis, like almost all stars, has owned a large number of cars, but he was fond of Cadillac for his driving trips. Now we find out that one of his last Cadillacs, a Fleetwood 1975it is currently sold in Sweden.

It is not unusual to see a star car for sale. However, having the opportunity to get your hands on a car that was not Elvis Presley it starts to become very rare, especially 45 years after his death.

Choices with the goddess

Now we discover, in Sweden, one of them Cadillaca Fleetwood 1975 bought new on September 26, 1974. According to documents, it was the “King” himself who bought it. The papers show that at the time he paid a nominal sum of 12,512 US dollars, which today represents about 90,000 Canadian dollars. At the time, the Fleetwood’s base price was US$10,414. Considering Presley’s fortune, that’s almost a bargain. The papers show the presence of a few options including the presence of a larger chrome grille and, which is very rare, a goddess hood ornament.

1975 Cadillac Fleetwood

velvet badly

At that time, leather was still not very fashionable, but velvet, of all colors, was at its peak. No wonder the interior is covered with it. Unfortunately, even though this Cadillac Fleetwood has very low mileage, we can see that there has been some abuse inside, and maintenance has been sporadic in recent years. To restore, the buyer will have to invest and completely renew the cover.

8.2 liter V8 from 1975 Cadillac Fleetwood

500 cubic inches

At that time, we were talking about supercars, and Fleetwood was one of the proud representatives. This limo hid an 8.2-liter V8 with a power of 190 horsepower. According to the seller, the engine does not work, but considering that it has only 2,776 kilometers on the odometer, the mechanics certainly have good years ahead of them and the restoration.

1975 Cadillac Fleetwood

In Sweden

The buyer will only be the fourth owner. Obviously, the foundation is there, but there will have to be an investment by whoever acquires it to restore this Cadillac to its glory days. In addition, he will have to import it from Sweden, where it is now. At the time of writing these lines, it was still possible to get your hands on the car by visiting the English auction site Car and Classic.

Bill of sale for 1975 Cadillac Fleetwood for Elvis Presley


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