One in four French people have this bad habit in the car

One in four French people have this bad habit in the car

More than one in four drivers still admit to throwing their rubbish out of their car window on the motorway, a figure which is falling.

Throw cigarette butts or plastic bottles out your car window on the highway, right? Congratulations, you are one of the closest three quarters of the French who do not develop this disgusting behavior. In any case, this is what the Ipsos study for Vinci Autoroutes confirms.

So, strange as it may seem, 27% of users surveyed for this study they agree to throw their waste out the window while driving on the highway. What remains surprising, as places to rest are not lacking. And they all have at least one trash can.

More surprisingly, people under 35 have an easier time disposing of their waste along the highway. More than one in three, 36% to be exact, agree to do so. It’s surprising, when you know that environmental protection is a subject that is especially praised by … the youngest!

25 tons of garbage collected every day on the highway

All this does every day, an average of 25 tons of garbage is dumped on the side of the highway, and highway workers. Because yes, “If we see any dirt on the road, even on the hard shoulder, we stop safely and go to pick it up”the description of the former patrol quoted by BFM TV.

So in the end you can see the evolution of various practices. Thus, 10% of respondents admitted to throwing away empty bottles and cans on the highway, against 3% in 2021. For the sake of handkerchiefs, this figure increased from 5% to 11% for that period. It even reaches a peak 19% among young people (under 35 years).

Likewise, 26% of smokers still agree to throw away their cigarette butts. And 23% of consumers agree to throw away organic waste. Above all, they have few doubts about it, as they often do.

However, it is important to note that the number of drivers who throw their waste out the window is slowly decreasing. Therefore, since 2020, their number has decreased by 3%, reaching 27% today.

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