“Once Porsche launches something, it works”

“Once Porsche launches something, it works”

The arrival of Benoît Romac at the helm of Porsche Consulting France allows him to combine his consulting business with his passion for motorsport.

Why did you accept this new challenge?

Benoît Romac: My decision was made above all on the basis of career management and professional opportunity. This new job and Porsche, it is clear and above all the opportunity to take advantage of the experience I gained previously in previous jobs in consulting and the automotive industry, within the framework of an intrapreneurial project with the support of a large group, which depends on the success of a wonderful brand, which in The world of consulting is very different. The fact that you are more passionate about the brand and actively practicing this passion in the context of motor racing is a bit of icing on the cake!

What is the specialty of Porsche Consulting France in the consulting structure of 670 professionals working in 12 offices around the world?

BR: Our specialty is very clear. We are the only consulting company that is a subsidiary of a large automotive group and can provide external customers with all the knowledge of this manufacturer, in this case. Porsche, which is probably the most successful and profitable automaker in the world. The automotive industry is often cited as a reference in the industrial world, because it is a structured, competitive and innovative industry. All the working methods, processes and tools that are developed in the automotive world are of great interest to other industrial sectors. And Porsche Advicewe bring this knowledge from the automotive world to our customers, within a manufacturer that is considered a Benchmark in an industry that is itself a Benchmark.

Can we really apply this logo’s recipe for success to all industries?

BR: This question is often asked by our customers. There are several reasons that enable me to answer you well. The first thing is the fact that the car industry today is very different from what it was 10 years ago. A manufacturer is no longer a company that develops, produces and sells cars. It is a company that creates a new business model, a new service around mobility. It is also a company that had to deal with major regulatory disruptions (especially on production, which led to the rapid emergence of electric vehicles) and which therefore had to transform itself profoundly.

The 2nd reason is specific to Porschebecause it is not a volume builder like Toyota Where Renault. It is a manufacturer that combines both high quality products produced in very small number of units (eg 918 Spyder or Carrera GT) and at the same time thousands of medium-sized units (Cayenne Where Macan), or about 280,000 vehicles sold worldwide. Compared to other industrial sectors, the internal characteristics of the industrial system created by Porsche allow us to change more, if any Porsche which is provided and configured is unique.

This method is therefore very attractive to be used in other sectors such as space in particular. The third thing is that we have especially integrated many automations that make sense in our processes, almost in the logic of continuous production, which is also attractive to other economic sectors. So the intention of the method Porsche to other industrial sectors.

Has this pandemic been difficult and affected your activities?

BR: In fact, time was not needed, as I signed my contract at the end of 2019 and became CEO in January 2020, with a clean slate and therefore everything to do. When the disease arrived three months later, it was obviously difficult, because in the consulting business, it generally takes between 6 and 9 months between the first contact and the time when the first project starts. We have seen in our business that all the missions of the companies that were going on have been expanded and maintained. On the other hand, all new projects have been stopped.

In the house of Porsche Advice, so our activity started in September 2020, but very strongly, since in 2021, we closed our first financial year by exceeding all our goals in terms of growth, and the outlook for the next year is very positive. a team that already has 20 people. We have established our offices in Paris in the 16th arrondissement, near the Place du Trocadéro.

So your way favors man too?

BR: In fact this is also the hallmark of the Porsche way. Here is a family business but also a champion that today weighs more than a billion in sales but that started in a garage in the 1950s, with a pioneer, Ferdinand Porsche, who launched his business by saying: ” I looked around at existing cars, I didn’t see one that matched what I wanted to do, so I built it myself.. He turned his original vision into a global dream that continues to live on with many technological innovations, but surprisingly, the original concept still exists.

Porsche is a very innovative company, but it is also a company that relies on its employees who constantly drive its performance, with a very strong family spirit and strong entrepreneurial values ​​as well. And it is this state of mind that we also bring to our customers. Above all, we want our interventions to be long-term and non-critical as soon as possible, by enabling our clients to access our internal knowledge by transferring knowledge between our teams and theirs. We rely on the talents and skills of our clients to enable them to work, by helping them to find methods Porsche.

Made in France, industrial restructuring, displacement, are also the words of Porsche Consulting?

BR: Yes, since Porsche is a company whose industrial activities are still in Europe. Of 911, of 710, Macan, these are cars that are produced in Zuffenhausen. The engineering and production know-how resides mainly in Germany, although we also have an assembly platform in Eastern Europe. This company, which started from nothing, has become the industrial champion of Europe which proves that it is possible to be effective by maintaining strong industrial activities in Europe. However, for us, remaking European factories is not an end in itself when advising companies. What we will try to do is give it the most suitable solution in its market, in its environment and the situation T is currently experiencing.

Above all, we seek to provide the right answers to our customers. He said, the industrial environment is very different today, the differences in production costs between China and France have been reduced, French productivity is also very attractive. Supply chain risks are becoming increasingly important and are also being considered. When it comes to social and environmental responsibility, it is very important in the automotive industry. Here too, we are a step ahead of many other industrial sectors.

On top of all these topics, our speed of analysis gives our clients a head start. Porsche has proven again, in terms of innovation and Taycan Electric, car of the year. Soon Porsche Launch something, it works, it immediately becomes a memory.

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