Okayama Racing GT300: Nissan GT-R GT3 Kondo Racing as it was 2021

Okayama Racing GT300: Nissan GT-R GT3 Kondo Racing as it was 2021

The GT300 squad was initially complete, with Mach Go team repairing a damaged car the day before, similar to the Tsuchiya team that was unable to participate in the qualifiers while its Supra GT was still in poor condition.

Takuto Iguchi in # 61 Subaru BRZ was able to leave and take the lead, which was not the case with his front-line neighbor Morio Nitta in the Lexus RC F GT3, which passed no less than three cars in the first round: the # 10 Nissan GT-R GT3 Gainer in the hands of rookie Riki Okusa, best for this first weekend, # 56 GTR-GT3 Realize of Kiyoto Fujinami and # 18 Honda NSX UpGarage of Takashi Kobayashi.

The order remained consistent until the twentieth round, when Fujinami overtook Okusa for second place. Nissan’s Dunlop’s # 10 tires appeared to pass their play window, which was confirmed when Fujinami, worn by Yokohama, joined and passed the BRZ, also with the Dunlops, five rounds later taking the lead.

Cars plunged into potholes from the twenty-eighth cycle, and when the Subaru stopped on the thirty-eighth, the BRZ founder was acting out of departure and the car lost about twenty seconds, jeopardizing its positions. .. The leader had no problems with Joao Paolo de Oliveira, replacing Fujinami, returning to the lead in front of young Kakunoshin Ohta for the first time in Super GT at # 18 Honda UpGarage.

The # 9 Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo of the Pacific Race, which we were very much looking forward to, was at the mercy of the pit terminals at the gate of the trio with Kei Cozzolino at the wheel, with Augusto Farfus looking at the top 5 and BMW M4 GT3. Lesson # 7, after a good first time from Seiji Ara. Takashi Kogure did not hear it that way and tried everything to get the big BMW and his # 88 Lamborghini Huracan Evo, but he ended up spinning.

Photo: GTA

Naoya Gamou on AMG GT Leon managed to put himself in third place ahead of Ferrari at the end of its fuel volume, and as in the GT500, the gaps narrowed as we entered the last twenty rounds. Shinichi Takagi in the # 96 Lexus RC F GT3 hit the # 24 Nissan Z and blew his way after his hat hung over the windshield, causing Full Yellow Course. After the green light, a fierce battle between the fifth and fifteenth positions began. Katayama in # 6 Audi R8 LMS overtaken Augusto Farfus’ BMW in fifth place, and the Brazilian driver fell under threat from the entire stadium. Iori Kimura’s failed braking on the # 55 Honda NSX GT3 seven rounds from the end was bad for BMW Research, pushed into the gravel. Very sorry for the Studie team, which was expecting the best results for the first match of the M4 GT3 in Japan.

There was no other event and Oliveira won the event in # 56 GT-R GT3 ahead of # 18 Honda NSX GT3 UpGarage, # 65 AMG GT Leon, # 9 Ferrari 488 GT3 Pacific and Nissan GT-R GT3 Gainer. # 10.

Photo: GTA

Once again it is a good show for the Kondo Race with the Fujinami-Oliveira staff, who are starting their third season together like the previous two, with the crown in their eyes. With the exception of Subaru, betrayed by its permanent weakness, Supra GTs and other GR86s are not compatible with GT3s, which performance adjustment has put it back in the forefront. It will be necessary to wait for the next event in Fuji, a very different way, to have a heart net.

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