official steps to correct your gray card

official steps to correct your gray card

The installation of so-called E85 is increasing in our country. Once this device is installed in your vehicle, there is one final step to take: change your vehicle registration document. Here’s how.

In good conditions, being able to fill up with fuel almost three times cheaper than traditional fuel (€ 0.80 / liter on average, but it is not uncommon to find a liter of E85 for € 0.65 in many service stations in France today), this is the number one benefit of superethanol. Even considering its overuse at around 25% usage, it’s still a hell of a deal.. Therefore, for several months and especially as a result of the war in Ukraine, the installation of these E85 conversion boxes has been a hit in France. Growth that should continue from the start of the school year, with the state’s new 30-cent pump discount (September and October 2022) and the concept of the installation cost of this box by several regions and departments of the capital city.

Compliance certificate

The fact remains that once the box has been installed by authorized professionals, you will have the last necessary procedure to complete: the modification of the gray card of your vehicle thus replaced. Once you pass this step, the technician will give you a document called “a certificate of conformity, accompanied by a model approval report for the conversion device“, in other words, a popular box. Once this oil is in your pocket, you can modify your vehicle registration document, especially by changing the type of oil (box P3), which will pass. from “ES” (for petrol) to FE (for dual fuel Superethanol-E85+petrol).

wait for the postman

To do this, no physical transport but the procedure to be carried out directly online, on the official dedicated government website ANTS.gouv. Once on this site, previously it was useless in terms of ergonomics, start the correction of your vehicle registration by clicking “Registration”, then “Check all procedures online”, “Make another request” before selecting “Report changes in the status of your vehicle”. Then, fill out the form by allowing yourself to be guided and not forgetting to add the supporting documents that will be requested. Finally, after the operation is confirmed, you will receive your “new” gray card to your home by post, a few weeks later. You are now the official owner of a “clean” car and thus you are entitled to a reduction in the cost of the regional gray card tax, depending on your place of residence and you only have to pay, in the best case, the delivery and administration fee. fee.

Posted on 08/11/2022 Updated 08/11/2022