Now comes NASA: Chevrolet Vectra shark is scary like in the movies – 03/07/2022

Now comes NASA: Chevrolet Vectra shark is scary like in the movies – 03/07/2022

The Brazilian imagination in the transformation of cars is something that is surpassed every day, as we have already seen in the three-wheeled Corolla, the Gol turned into a jeep or the Hilux Highlander, and which inspired the Agora a Nasa Vem series. And it seems that this time the national creativity turned into something cinematic with the first “Vectra Tubarão”.

Produced between 1996 and 2005, the second-generation Chevrolet Vectra was superior in many ways. Starting with the aerodynamic style, whose striking feature is the integrated mirrors. It turned out that the second model was so interesting in design that it became famous with the nickname of the shark. Although it is common sense, we can say that this sedan does justice to the nickname.

Highly customized, the sedan began to feature unusual decorations. Some planes sport shark jaws to emphasize aggressive behavior, but this Vectra goes further. The mouth of the fish is on the bumper, however, it doesn’t attract as much attention as the creature sprouting from the hood.

The details resemble the famous shark from the 1975 film of the same name. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the feature made great use of suspense. Since the mechanical shark presented several problems, the solution was to let it appear only in the climatic moments, all accompanied by the voice of John Williams.

Doubts that are not repeated by the little hooded shark. The level of detail reaches the point of drawing churning water, it looks like a scene from a movie almost everything. Orange and blue colors help in drawing more attention. As if I needed it.

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