Nostalgia.  Citroen CX GTI Mandarine: grail of collectors

Nostalgia. Citroen CX GTI Mandarine: grail of collectors

Contrary to what we have heard many times, the arrival of the Citroen CX in 1974 was unanimously received by journalists and special observers. In fact, succeeding the DS story in the mid-70s is not an easy task.

But we salute her beauty, her courtesy, her style and her excellent comfort. He was only blamed at the launch for the lack of technical expectations with the big engine.

CX Mandarine is now a real collector item that collectors get.jpg

Arrival of the CX GTI

It should be acknowledged that by taking the engines of its predecessor, the CX does not show any modernity at this point. The 2.0 and 2.2 liter blocks do not exceed the strength of 112 horses, while the oil shock or not, can still cross France in one go, foot to floor.

With such a chassis and a rocket profile, the result of a thorough aerodynamic observation, we begin to dream of a sportier version. Soon it will be important. In 1978, the Citroen network was preparing to receive its first CX GTI.

By discarding the carburetor for injection, the CX GTI promises 128 horsepower.

Launch color

To mark the occasion, what has not yet been called a “marketing department” decides to recommend a launch color for this version of the GTI.

Clearly, it is a shadow, a little original, that will allow the novel to appear in the business world and on the street.

The technique that is still used by brands today, press test cars are often warm in color, while a large number of customers will go black, gray or white.

In Citroën, so we select “Orange Mandarine”, a color that matches the code AC427.

With GTI, CX started the real road work.jpg
With GTI, CX started the real road work.jpg

Very small series

“It’s not just the color palette that is different from these CX GTI Mandarine” notes Hervé Katz, one of the rare owners. “Psychedelic upholstery is also special.” Says the enthusiastic.

“It’s an upholstery fabric that mixes orange and brown jerseys. No other Citroen has an interior like this. It can be delivered with a two-color leather interior.”

But what makes these Mandarin CXs so valuable today is the number of cars produced. At launch, Citroen will produce 200 CX Mandarine.

One hundred copies to the North, and another hundred to the agreement south of Loire, with a solar roof and weather.

It's 1974, Citroen wants this car to look good
It’s 1974, Citroen wants this car to look good

A real collector

“Today what makes it so special is its history, its specialty and this natural orange color for the CX, and the small number of cars that have survived” adds Hervé Katz.

“Citroen experts estimate the number of CX GTI Mandarine survivors to be five or six. This is how we were able to list in France, the Netherlands and Belgium. There was also one in Germany, but it burned down.”

With two Mandarines, Hervé has long been the head of almost half the cars around. “Today I have one left, probably the best situation in the market. I came back for the second one.”

How much does it cost?

“The text was auctioned off a few months ago by Artcurial auction company in sales called” 100 Youngtimers & Populaires from the Richard Romagny collection “notes Hervé Katz.

“The car was in an average condition of 143,000 kilometers on the odometer with some work to do. It sold for around € 40,000 plus cost. When asked how much he could sell, Hervé replied incorrectly. But mine is not for sale. So you have to be sure. ”More than ever, this CX Mandarine is rare that comes with a high price.

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