[Nos Anciennes Abandonnées] la Fauverie, Jaguar’s tomb

[Nos Anciennes Abandonnées] la Fauverie, Jaguar’s tomb

Once again, we follow Eric, the creator of the Carcass page. Once again, it is in France that he takes us to see the remains of luxury cars. But these have a more thoughtful side than most of the other cars we’ve already presented to you.

From collection to cemetery

These cars didn’t get there by accident. No, they were deliberately placed in this place and arranged. But we skip a few steps, back to the starting point.

It is a fan of the Jaguar brand and Sir William Lyons who is behind this collection. A collector of cars but also of objects since 40, he took advantage of his retirement to build a garage made for his collections. To restore his cars, he made a choice that many collectors have made since the beginning of the car: erase the damage.

Therefore, it was the accident of the Jaguar Mark 1, which had remained for several years in front of his house, which gave him an idea. In addition to driving cars, he has started the creation of this wild space dedicated to accidents. Obviously, the conditions were clear: there was no question of using rolling or salvageable vehicles. These cars also had to be easily recognized as iconic cats.

The first was the 1963 MkII 3.8L. Found in a scrapyard in the Paris region in 2019, everything that could be saved was … but he was not the first to break the parts!
“Some of the chrome and fittings have been left so that the car retains its dignity” he agrees. Leaves have been added to the trunk for nearby animals while hollow bricks have the same role in front.

Our Old Abandoned Jaguars 5-

The rest of the search was not easy. You don’t have to destroy yourself to build such a tomb. But, little by little, the 1956 XK 140 SE joined the MKII.

Then it was pieces of Jaguars, real, that came to fill the grave. First with parts from another XK140 and then with a 420 G.

To maintain the idea of ​​a grave, honeysuckle was planted to take possession of these Jaguars. A few trees have also been added to provide shade and, why not, attract the thorns!

La Fauverie: a center for collectors

You will have understood, the vegetation is not finished with these Jaguars. An enthusiast who looks at them will take care to highlight them … and share these graves.

Jaguarists from France know this place, which also attracts many car events.