Norris blames McLaren for Russell’s loss of place in Monaco – Formula 1 News

Norris blames McLaren for Russell’s loss of place in Monaco – Formula 1 News

Norris did a good job in Monaco to finish sixth, but still had problems (Image: McLaren)


Lando Norris had a good start to the Monaco GP, taking fifth place on the grid and placing himself just behind the Ferrari and Red Bull cars. However, the Brit ended up losing ground during the race when George Russell passed him on the way out of the pits, ending up in sixth place. After the dispute, the Englishman admitted his frustration at losing the position due to a strategic choice.

“I came out of the pits on wet tires and obviously he won. [vantagem] on the previous lap because I was already on dry compounds”, explained Norris. “That trick was the right tire to be on. He had warm tires, mine were cold and he passed me, simple as that. I wasn’t happy, I was more confused,” he admitted.

At that time, Norris even left the pits in front of Russell, but he slipped and felt a problem at the beginning of the lap – while warming up the new tires – and the Brit took over, taking fifth place after turning the first corner. , towards Massenet.

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Norris lost fifth place to Russell but left Monaco with an extra point for fastest lap (Image: McLaren)

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Norris admitted he was unhappy with McLaren’s strategy, as he felt he would have stopped early. With the team opting to keep him on the line for a long time while Russell ran on harder compounds, the #63 Mercedes got closer and managed to finish fifth when Lando was finally called to the pits.

“We have a few things to talk about about our strategy,” Norris said. “I don’t think we did a perfect job. Of course, there are always things to work on and improve. But this is another thing we need to talk about behind the scenes, at MTC [Centro de Tecnologia da McLaren], and it is not something to deal with now. But we definitely need to improve on that side.”

Teammate Daniel Ricciardo at McLaren admitted that it is not easy to make such a decision in Monaco, but highlighted the difficulty he feels in transmitting his feelings from inside the car to the team, via radio. However, Norris preferred to keep the situation under wraps and said it was a conversation the team needed to keep private.

“There are a lot of things to think about in Monaco under these circumstances,” he admitted. “It is never easy. We are in a good position, we have good points, we don’t want to risk too much, it is easy to lose everything that way. They did and said everything for a good reason, I just feel that it is not easy, from inside the car, to convey what I feel to the team – that we would have a better pace if we stopped. It is difficult to describe as something simple. They usually do a good job, so I’m not complaining. But we have work to do.”

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