Normand Boyer in the Nissan Sentra Cup this season: Back to the track for the talented veteran!

Normand Boyer in the Nissan Sentra Cup this season: Back to the track for the talented veteran!

Friday, April 29, 2022 by Marie-Lyse Tremblay

In the list of entries for the 2022 Nissan Sentra Cup, there are almost 40 drivers. An increasing number compared to 2021, which shows the regular series, 7 rookies and the return of a motorsport veteran: Normand Boyer.

68 years old, driver from the Laurentians, appeared in the Nissan Micra Cup until 2018 but also in the past in the Honda / Michelin series, where he was named in 1987, 1990 and 1991, Porsche 944 Turbo Cup, Player’s / GM or even CTCC ( B-Spec class champion in 2014), will return to competition this season. Normand will definitely be on track with the No.11 Nissan Sentra. We collected his comments on the eve of this…

Normand, you left the Nissan Micra Cup at the end of the 2018 season, after winning the Premier class title and finishing 5th overall. What motivates you today to make your debut in the Nissan Sentra Cup?

After the past 2 years, which have been very eventful, with my father in CHSLD who had to be taken care of by my family, and also a 37 year old son with Down syndrome who also had to be moved, things are fine. to settle down a bit in my semi-retired life, even if I will work more than before… But the desire to discover the series was strong and when I see that I will have more time to devote myself to racing this year, I decided to return to the Nissan Cup to test drive the new Sentra.

What excites you about driving the new Sentra?

I enjoyed driving the Micra, it was like a perfect small medium. On the other hand, with my team, we had a little trouble preparing the car because we were always learning something. Last year I heard a lot of good things about the Sentra. I see that this season, the peloton will be very strong, very interesting, and that made me want to be on the track.

The fact that the series is taking place at the Canadian Grand Prix this year, where previously you were riding in the Honda/Michelin and Player’s/GM series, was it a factor that favored your arrival in this series?

Certainly yes. To be honest, this is one of the main reasons, I want to race in the Canadian Grand Prix at the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit. In addition, we will all arrive at this track at the same level, no one will practice with the Sentra on this circuit, it will be a discovery and it is an aspect that I like. I drove a few times at the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit, I also won there, but that was more than 25 years ago. I’m still familiar with this song, I hope it can give me an advantage. If we can get more rain, that could change things!

Your son Manuel shone in his only race in the series, at the end of 2018. Will he also return to the track?

He may make one or two races during the season, at which circuit remains to be seen. He has developed well as a driver, he did many ice races in Oka. You learn so fast on the ice, I can’t wait to see what he does on the circuit. But for now, I’ll be the one on the track with the No. 11 Sentra.

What are your expectations for this 2022 season?

Podium for sure, and we’ll see what happens next! But I’ve never sold a piece of bear until I’ve killed one, so I’d say it’s after the first event of the season at Mosport that I’ll have a better idea of ​​what my season will be like.