Nogaro, Race 1: Peugeot hat-trick opens season

Nogaro, Race 1: Peugeot hat-trick opens season

At Clairet Sport Team Peugeot 308 RC # 20, he made a complete copy: 50-minute race management, tire storage, traffic and slow-moving vehicles, a must-have pit hole … Nothing stopped Teddy Clairet from winning, not even Florian Briche.

However, the JSB Tournament clan leader always remained in ambush, ready to take advantage of the leader’s slight depravity. But it did not happen… Third, Sébastien Thome scored a hat-trick for Peugeot 308 RC with # 19 of Clairet Sport Team.

Behind these three, the drivers of the BMW M2 CS Race competed for honors. After the final bout, Carla Debard (# 21 – Debard Automobiles by Racetivity) was ahead of Florian Teillais and Benoit Eveillard (# 41 – VSF Sports – Amplitude Automobile) and Jean-Mathieu Leandri (# 18 – VSF Sports – Amplitude Automobile) . Coming out of a rally, the Missingmate had lost contact with two other BMWs after contacting Vincent Bouteiller (Peugeot 308 RC # 12 – JSB Compétition), he was eventually forced to retire.

In the TCA-1 class comprising Peugeot RCZ, Christian Philippon and Franck Labescat (# 17 – Espace Racing) took prizes. Despite opposition from Dorian Duthil at the start of the race and Drive Through for disrespecting the pit stop procedure, they were ahead of Dorian Duthil-Cyril Mellet (# 40 – CAP Racing by Team Trajectoire) and Jonathan Boutboul- Olivier Lopez (# 40 – CAP Racing) by Team Trajectoire) and Jonathan Boutboul- Olivier Lopez (# 66 – Team Orientation).

A good fight between the Renault Clio Cup IVs in the TCA-2 unit also excited the first half of the race. Joris Berriau and Enzo Carvalhido exchanged lead before their teammates (Gaëtan Berriau in # 185 AJL Auto Sport Clio and Samuel Chaligne in # 36 Sport Auto Racing) took over. But communication between Pierre-Hugo Dubost and Gaëtan Berriau, who was coming out of the abyss, caused Clio AJL Auto Sport to retire.

In TCA-Light, Ilona Bertapelle (Peugeot 208 RC – JFM) first had to stop Caroline Candas (Peugeot 208 RC – JFM) before widening the gap gradually to claim first-class success in FFSA Tourism. Involved in the Sport Auto Racing car, Margot Carvalhido and Frédéric Rondeau finished 3rd.

After these long races, two 25-minute races will be held this Easter Monday and start at 9:30 a.m. and 4:25 p.m.

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