Nogaro: Good morning Sunday …

Nogaro: Good morning Sunday …

– The Alpine A110 is certainly a sincere candidate for victory in the Nogaro Easter Cups due to his quickness. Performance balance has been adjusted since the start of the meeting. The Alpine A110 GT4 weighed 5 kg and added a little more. The Mercedes-AMG GT4 lost 5 kg and gained a slight increase. The Ginetta G55 GT4 lost 10 kg, as was the Porsche 718 Cayman (model 2022). The Porsche 718 Cayman (model 2020) lost 5 kg. The BOP can be adjusted up to 120 minutes before the start of Race 1.

– Nogaro presenters / presenters posed for pictures last afternoon on Nogaro’s song. Most of them are on the track in Nogaro: Anthony Beltoise, Le Tone, Julien Febreau.

Photo: Jules Benichou

– Peugeot 308 RC Cup got flour talking during the TC France qualifiers. Teddy Clairet is the first best politician of the year for the Clairet Sport Team in Q1. Christian Philippon (Peugeot RCZ Racing Cup (Espace Racing) was the fastest in TCA-1. Enzo Carvalhido (Renault Clio IV / Sport Auto Racing) did the same in TCA-2. – Light on Peugeot 208 RC / JFM.

Photo: Dirk Bogaerts

– Teddy Clairet did it again in Q2 with a new pole. In TCA-1, Franck Labescat (Peugeot RCZ Racing Cup / Espace Racing) will start fast, as will Samuel Chaligne (Sport Auto Racing) in TCA-2 and Ilona Bertapelle in TCA-Light.

The time has come

– The Alpine A110 GT4 receives a few changes this season to the engine and gearbox to provide more molding to the steering column. These developments can be modified with existing models. If the teams selected this change in the GT4 European Series, no team selected the change in the FFSA GT.

– With 40 GT4s registered in Nogaro this year, we are approaching the 44th record which started in 2019.

– On average, the lightest GT4 (without driver) is the Ginetta G55 GT4 (1140 kg) and the heaviest is the Audi R8 LMS GT4 (1500 kg).

– The JSB Compétition worked hard for a good part of the night on its three cars. The Julien Briche team is in FFSA GT and TC France.

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