Nissan will invest more than R$ 1 billion to modernize the factory in Brazil  Industry

Nissan will invest more than R$ 1 billion to modernize the factory in Brazil Industry

Nissan announced this Wednesday (6) a investment of 250 million US dollars, or 1.1 billion dollars, in the Resende (RJ) factory. According to the company, the contribution is targeted improve the production line. Right now, the place it only produces compact SUV Kick.

No details have been disclosed such as the start date of the investment or whether new products will be offered in Resende. The Rio de Janeiro factory plays an important role in the future of the union RenaultNissanMitsubishi.

Two years ago, the group revealed a change in strategy in South America. According to the infographic presented by the union at the time, Brazil will have up to seven new compact models, divided between hatches, sedans and SUVs. Of these, five will be Renault, and two, Nissan.

The products will use the same platform, the CMF-B, recently confirmed by Renault, as well as a new compact SUV with a 1.0-liter turbo engine.

Estimates of the new Renault compact SUV – Photo: João Kleber Amaral (Estimates)

Information production will also be is based in two factories of companies in the country – Resende and Renault, in São José dos Pinhais (PR). One of them will be dedicated to hatchbacks and sedans, and the other to SUVs.

Although the location of the investment is not yet known, Nissan announced that it has restarted the second production shift at Resende Last Monday (4). For this, 570 new employees were hired.

The manufacturer did not disclose what portion of the 398 workers laid off in 2020 were rehired. At that time, Nissan completed the second round.

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