Nissan Qashqai e-Power: Petrol Electric

Nissan Qashqai e-Power: Petrol Electric

After it was originally developed for the Japanese market, where it became an almost immediate success with Note, the technology e-Power received important developments for the European market, knowing that in this continent the expectations of power and refinement are higher. Now, it is up to Qashqai to launch this system in Europe, which is an electric version with an extended range, knowing that the X-Trail will also have such an engine. The brand recognizes the technology e-Power is an intermediate step on the path to zero emissions, aimed mainly at those who are not yet ready to take the step towards 100% electric models.

In terms of the SUV that is considered the “father” of the SUV trend in Europe, the arrival of e-Power it is also accompanied by new aesthetic elements, which do not reach the level of a facet, but which appears with a different grille (with the new Nissan symbol) and with markings. e-Power scattered on the bodywork.

The interior now has new 12.3-inch screens for the instrument and infotainment system, a new design and voice control functionality, as well as the possibility to interact with Amazon Alexa. all Qashqai models from now on.

Power supply unit

Using the CMF-C platform, designed for hybrid engines and “clean” internal combustion engines (with a structural weight of 60 kg less than the previous platform), the Qashqai now includes the e-Power hybrid system.

Basically, it works all the time with an electric motor driving the drive wheels, and a combustion engine serving as a load generator and not part of moving the wheels, unlike other hybrid systems already on the market.

It is made up of a 140 kW/190 hp electric motor, linked to a 156 hp 1.5 VCR turbo engine, with variable ratio VCR technology, which allows you to change the compression ratio according to the driving needs at any time.