Nissan Leaf 2023 arrives with new equipment and a new design

Nissan Leaf 2023 arrives with new equipment and a new design

Nissan Lesaf 2023 (Photo: Disclosure/Nissan)

The 100 percent best-selling electric car in the Brazilian market last year, the Nissan Leaf arrived in the country for the 2023 model year with an updated and new exterior. Another highlight is the fact that the Japanese automaker has maintained the prices of the previous line, starting at R$ 293,790.

The model is already distributed to 44 dealers of the brand authorized to sell and perform after-sales services on electric vehicles.

Meet the 2023 Nissan Leaf in detail

Nissan Leaf 2023 gets a new front look (Photo: Disclosure / Nissan)

The 2023 line is distinguished by its front appearance, and grille and front bumper in new models. The headlight styling has also been revised and now has a black interior finish (previously it was chrome). Five-spoke 17-inch alloy wheels bring a bolder and more aggressive design.


The model also features a new Nissan logo, placed on the front grille, on the trunk lid, between the wheels and on the steering wheel.

Front and rear wind deflectors are now black – previously blue). The shapes of these parts placed in the four corners of the wheel arches, in the rear diffuser and in the rear spoiler were also changed.

New high quality sound system

Nissan Leaf 2023 multimedia center (Photo: Solutions/Nissan)

To increase comfort and safety, the 2023 Nissan LEAF got a high-quality Bose audio system, which includes two 1-inch tweeters, two 6.5-inch speakers in the front doors, two 5.25-inch speakers in the rear doors , and amplifier and woofer 4.5-inch, all in the trunk area.

nice rear view

Nissan Leaf 2023 has a good rear view (Photo: Solution / Nissan)

Another novel is the intelligent interior mirror, a technology that makes the images of the rear of the car to be reflected back on the interior mirror (LCD screen) clearly, without blind spots or interference from the back seats of the rear seats, for example. The camera installed at the rear of the Nissan Leaf creates a clear image on the rearview mirror, even if the weather and lighting conditions are not good.

New charging system

The recharging system was installed at the front (Photo: Disclosure/Nissan)

The payment system at the front of the car is also new. In addition to ChadMo, for fast charging, Nissan Leaf 2023 it comes with a type 2 input, European standard, with seven pins, most common in charging stations in Brazil.

Mechanical set and battery

Drivers have three ways to drive their cars.

A 40 kWh lithium-ion battery pack provides linear performance. The electric motor produces a power equal to 150 horsepower (110 kW) and a torque of 32.6 kgfm, providing a high speed. Maximum torque is available in 0.1 seconds.

The car has a mileage of 272 km, which meets the daily urban driving needs of most owners.

The driver also has the possibility to choose between three driving modes:

  • ECO – helps reduce engine performance and save energy;
  • B (Brake) – uses a more powerful battery recovery brake to charge the battery more efficiently without affecting the power of the vehicle;
  • D (Drive) – normal operating conditions at full engine power.

The 2023 Nissan LEAF also features features such as:

  • traction control and stability;
  • starting system on ramps;
  • dynamic chassis control, which brings together intelligent cornering and braking control with body stabilizer;
  • automatic air conditioning;
  • A-IVI multimedia center with color touch screen.

good mobility

Among the highlights of the Nissan Leaf’s smart driving technology is the e-Pedal. The design allows the driver to simplify the movement when accelerating, decelerating and stopping the car, as he can only use the accelerator pedal for all these actions.

The operation is simple: releasing the accelerator pedal, the car will stop slowly and smoothly, without the need to press the brake pedal. This technology eliminates the need for the driver to constantly move his foot from the accelerator pedal to the brake pedal to slow down or stop the vehicle completely.

In addition to e-Pedal, Nissan Leaf has a set of safety technologies – Nissan Intelligent Safety Shield – integrated with systems such as: Intelligent Lane Departure Warning, Intelligent Lane Departure Prevention System, Intelligent Brake Assist. Cruise Control, Blind Spot Warning System, 360° Intelligent Vision with Motion Detection, Driver Attention Alert, Tire Pressure Monitoring System and Rear Cross Traffic Alert.

In addition to things like six airbags, stability and traction controls, ABS brakes with power distribution, Isofix child seat system and reinforced body, Nissan Intelligent Safety Shield helps the car and the driver to monitor the movements around them, to respond to unexpected actions and protect yourself. .

Nissan Leaf 2023 (Photo: Disclosure/Nissan)

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