Nissan Juke: The SUV is electrifying

Nissan Juke: The SUV is electrifying

Improved driving pleasure

It is powered by a new, conventional internal combustion engine Nissan Juke Hybrid It gives extra driving pleasure at the wheel. Thanks to him 94 hp combustion engine (69 kW) and its 49 hp electric motor (36 kW), i.e. a total power of 143 hp, the Nissan Juke benefits from better handling – 25% more power than the current petrol engine – and better response to the use of the accelerator. On the roadThe new Nissan Juke Hybrid is more at its convenience.

More than instantly available engine torque thanks to the electric motor, the Nissan Juke Hybrid can also shifting in silence due to its 100% electric EV mode up to 55 km/h. Perfect for indoor use urban conditions.

At the same time, the hybrid engine allows the operation of the e-Pedal Step, which makes it possible to manage acceleration and braking with one pedal, while improving energy recovery. As a result, the overall braking of the Nissan Juke Hybrid is more efficient and allows rechargeAt the same time, the electric motor.

Finally, the new Nissan Juke Hybrid has intelligent automatic gearbox. The latter provides a better use of powerbe it electric, petrol or both.

Use of saturated fat

In addition to improved driving pleasure compared to a conventional internal combustion engine, the Nissan Juke hybrid engine also and above all makes it possible to reduce fuel consumption. Indeed, the promise of the Nissan Juke Hybrid is to reduce consumption up to 35% in the urban cycle and 19% in the mixed cycle compared to its equivalent version in oil. Depending on the version, the combined cycle consumption of this Nissan Juke Hybrid is 5.0-5.2L / 100km.

In a situation where fuel prices have never been so high, more and more motorists are turning or considering switching to hybrids. With the Juke electric, Nissan thus offers a true middle ground, between a 100% electric car and a petrol car.

Besides, this electricity it even surpasses the Nissan Juke system. For good reason, it is part of the Nissan lineup that is now evolving according to new consumer needs and constraints. Thus, Nissan Ariya it becomes the very first zero-subtractor for the use of symbols. About Nissan Qashqai and Nissan X-Trail they pass e-POWER technology, which gives the feeling of driving an electric car without recharging: we will discuss this in more detail soon.

So many elements that go in the direction of words Guillaume Cartier, Nissan Chairman for the AMIEO region : ” Nissan’s electrified product strategy is gaining momentum and the new Juke Hybrid represents another step in our strategic ambition to offer an electrified range by 2023.. »