Nissan Juke Hybrid 2022: 3 reasons to choose a new SUV

Nissan Juke Hybrid 2022: 3 reasons to choose a new SUV

The second generation of Nissan Juke it comes with its share of novelties. Backed by its three-year experience, this second generation Nissan Juke quickly won over customers with its dynamic style and versatility. today new hybrid versionavailable to order since June, it offers new perspectives for Nissan’s urban SUV.

The benefits of diversification

The first important new feature for the Nissan Juke, its new hybrid engine. This new powertrain has a gasoline engine (1.6 liters) that develops 94 hp (69 kW) and 148 Nm of torque. electrical side, the main engine produces 49 hp (36 kW) and a torque of 205 Nm. The total power of the Juke reaches 143 hp. The powertrain thus delivers More than 25% stronger. compared to the current version of the petrol-powered Juke, with a reducing fuel consumption up to 35% in the urban cycle, and up to 19% in the combined cycle..

Together with Nissan Juke Hybridconsumption is now estimated between 5 and 5.2 liters per 100 kilometers and CO2 emissions are between 114 and 117gr per kilometer according to the WLTP combined cycle.

This hybrid technology allows, in addition to low consumption, to drive in complete silence, which improves driving pleasure.

Excellent road characteristics

Nissan Juke which is already known for its driving comfort improves even more with this new hybrid generation. The take provided by the electric motor allows smoother and more precise ride. Performance The e-Pedal step regenerates the battery during deceleration. The system allows for a smoother and quieter drive. The Juke also knows how to be strong on the road. Very used and well maintained in turnThis SUV is still just as fun to drive, even more so with its hybrid that gives it more traction.

A more technological juke

In addition to hybrid technology, Nissan Juke gets completely new features. From its entry-level version, the Juke Hybrid is well equipped, in particular, a keyless start system, parking assistance, automatic climate control, automatic headlight management and cruise control. Next-generation GPS will also be available as an option, as will a 360° reversing camera and a Bose audio system. Many features make up the Nissan Juke one of the best equipped urban SUVs on the market.

of CEO of Nissan France, Richard Tougeronexplains, moreover, that This new engine combines with the Juke’s natural agility to deliver an exciting drive, with significant benefits in terms of utility and productivity. Juke customers will love it” .

of Nissan Juke Hybrid available since August, starting at €31,450.