Nissan is teaming up with NASA to develop batteries

Nissan is teaming up with NASA to develop batteries

Your future Nissan may share its batteries with NASA’s space program…

The battle for the electric car market will also and above all be played battery field. Many manufacturers have understood this well: battery production “gigafactories” are popping up everywhere, and big names are joining the special activation in the field. But in this crowd of ads, Nissan has found a way to stand out. The manufacturer will collaborate with NASA, no less!

Nissan and NASA will work with the University of San Diego, California. The goal is to develop and above all to finally produce batteries that are called “stable”. This type of battery, touted as the next technological revolution for several years, is very promising. Ignoring rare metals, solid state batteries are cheap to produce and less pollution. They also have better energy density (store more electricity for the same size), and load faster.

Factory soon

What a benefit! But now, at this time, there is no one in the market place solid battery of the necessary size for the car and in large quantities. This is the challenge that Nissan wants to face, which also announces the first “experimental” plant for 2024, before the first prototype in 2028. The collaboration with NASA is about the simulation research program. The goal is to combine multiple devices in a special program on a large computer, to determine the most promising combination of batteries.

A merger that could be as beneficial to Nissan as it is to NASA. According to the Associated Press, the agency that discovered this case, NASA would be looking for a similar property for its batteries. space planning.

Source: AP news

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