Nissan changes Frontier 2023 to win space – Conection Tocantins

Nissan changes Frontier 2023 to win space – Conection Tocantins

O The Tocantins connection had the opportunity to know and evaluate the Nissan Frontier, which in the line of 2023 arrived with significant changes in its design in the competitive segment, which is growing and has been dominated by Toyota Hilux and Chevrolet S10 for a few years.

In a short survey from 2018, the Nissan Frontier ranked sixth among the best-selling pickup trucks. In 2021 it overtook the Volkswagen Amarok and remained ahead of it considering the accumulated sales of that year until the month of August. And that’s what the brand wants with the 2023 line: to expand sales and gain more space.

The 2023 Frontier line is offered in six versions: S 4×4 MT; SE 4×4 AT; Assault 4X4 AT, the version evaluated by us; XE 4×4 AT; Platinum 4×4 AT and PRO4X 4×4 AT.

The Nissan Frontier Attack 2023 evaluated by us starts at R$ 274,890.00 and has many standard equipment, exclusive graphics and several black finish details, such as 17-inch wheels, exterior handles, mirrors, side steps and roof rack, along with the black light of the mask.

The pickup has a configuration of two diesel engines, one with two turbos of 190 horsepower and 45.9 kgfm torque and a seven-speed automatic transmission and the other, without the S-level version, with 163 horsepower and 43.3 kgfm and six-speed manual. gearbox.

Built in Cordoba, Argentina, the pickup features C-shaped LED projector headlights that make the front end unique and easily recognizable. The grille follows an integrated design, a feature used in Nissan’s family of pickup trucks. At the back, the taillights are also LED.

The bucket has the best combination of loading and volume. For this, the compartment has a greater length compared to its predecessor: 25 mm near the cabin and up to 50 mm on the sides, near the cover, with the ability to receive up to 1,054 liters of cargo and a capacity of 1,043 kg.

For greater comfort when using the bucket, the rear bumper has a step that facilitates the access and use of the bucket. Inside, the space has a hook and a movable “D” ring placed at the bottom, close to the floor, which offers more options for getting loads of different sizes.

Each of them has the capacity to carry up to 400 kg. And there is even a 12V outlet to allow the connection of electronic devices for leisure or work. In addition, the compartment cover received two shock absorbers that reduced the weight when opening, allowing manipulation with only one hand.

Each version has a different cabin finish, which includes different materials and textures for the seats, which, in front, are produced according to technology developed by NASA to eliminate fatigue and improve driver comfort.

The instrument panel has a larger seven-inch TFT screen in a high-resolution display, which provides various vehicle information and settings. In addition, the picture still has an eight-inch screen for the multimedia system in the center console. It connects to smartphones and allows users to activate convenient features such as Bluetooth audio streaming, voice recognition and navigation.

The pickup is the only one in the segment with, depending on the version, a sunroof and also has dual-zone digital air conditioning, rear seat air vents and 27 different storage compartments in the interior.

For added convenience, three USB ports for charging devices and ensuring seamless connectivity are available. One of them is Type C (in the console), which can support charging from multiple devices. There are also two 12V inputs for charging devices in the cabin – in addition to the one found in the bucket.

The 2023 Nissan Frontier lineup features key technologies. In the central console, next to the gear lever, the selector allows the choice of driving mode among four options: Normal, ideal for normal conditions in the city and on the road; Sport, maintains the lowest gear position leading to maximum revving and ensuring great engine power and engine stopping; Off Road, adjusts the throttle to keep revs high and gain power at low speeds; and Tow, ideal for use with a full load or when towing a trailer. Provides engine stopping power and maintains the lowest gear position

This feature joins the popular Shift-on-the-fly system for impressive selection, which allows easy switching between 4X2, 4X4 Up and 4X4 Down options.

The PRO-4X version also features a Rear Differential Lock, to ensure greater resilience to stress. It is activated by means of a button on the central console, and the 4X4 Low traction is involved, and it allows you to use the torque on the wheel that has more grip on the surface and avoid excessive slippage on the opposite wheel.

The suspension has been improved with the adoption of a new damper adjustment. The rear set follows a multilink system with helical springs, unique among competitors, which works together with a rigid axle.

This innovative solution provides the best balance between ride comfort and high stability, without sacrificing off-road cargo capacity and. The front double-arm suspension design supported by a stabilizer bar ensures comfort and safety.

Brakes are discs on all four wheels. To also enhance safety, improve fuel consumption and reduce tire wear, the pickup is also equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

To think about towing more different types of cargo, the model also has Trailer Adjustment Assistant (TSA). This system detects the movement of the trailer by monitoring the movement of the vehicle detected by the VDC system (Vehicle Power Management), which combines electronic stability and traction control. TSA slows trailer motion by activating the brakes, and VDC controls side-to-side brake pressure to reduce traction. It is mainly the balance that is the main reason for the events with trailers and trailers.