Nissan: access to Ionity Europe’s fast charging network

Nissan: access to Ionity Europe’s fast charging network

Users of the Nissan Charge app will have full access to Ionity charging network, Europe’s first toll road network, in preparation for this year’s Japanese manufacturer’s electric car crash, through the sale of a new electric car by Townstar .

The Nissan Charge software extension connects to the Ionity network

The software extension allows Nissan Charge users to connect to Ionity’s large network of 1,600 fast-charging units in 24 countries across Europe.

By taking the new Nissan Charge registration, future customers of Nissan Ariya and Electric Townstar will benefit from reduced rates when accessing IONITY billing stations through an app available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

With a charging capacity of up to 350 kW, Ionity infrastructure uses the Integrated Charging System (CCS) and is the largest and fastest CCS network on European highways.

The Ionity network is ready to include the charging of new Nissan vehicles compliant with CCS

The Ionity network is ready to support customers of new electric vehicles using the Nissan CCS: the upcoming Ariya crossover coupe and Townstar electric van.

Nissan Charge software: network access to more than 250,000 stations

The Nissan Charge software, developed in partnership with Plugsurfing, a major mobile mobility platform, provides customers with internet access to more than 250,000 public charging stations across Europe.

This service is fully managed through the app and allows owners of Nissan electric vehicles to search for and heading to a convenient place for public charging. The app also offers the ability to start and stop charging periods remotely for maximum benefit.

The Nissan Charge app also gives users access to payment infrastructure for a large Nissan business group. The brand aims to expand this payment network to 18 European countries, with the goal of reaching 70% of internet services by 2024.

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The continuous development of the Nissan public charger version is the latest step in Ambition 2030, the company’s long-term plan. Nissan has promised to launch 23 new electric vehicles – including 15 fully electric vehicles – by 2030.

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