Nintendo promises it won’t raise the price of the Switch despite inflation

Nintendo promises it won’t raise the price of the Switch despite inflation

Anyone who is (yet) planning to buy a Nintendo Switch can be assured: prices are not about to increase. This promise comes from Shuntaro Furukawa himself, the CEO of the Japanese company, which he gave during an interview following the publication of the financial results of the last quarter.

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In the last quarter, Nintendo Switch reached the milestone of 110 million sales. If this figure is very high, it actually hides a very small truth on the part of the Japanese manufacturer. Indeed, the shortage of components along with general inflation took a toll on the company’s financial performance. All indicators are red: -5% in sales, -15% in profits, the second quarter of 2022 was difficult to say the least.

Also, it was reasonable to expect a price hike for the console. It will not be, and it is the CEO of the company himself who confirms it. In an interview with the Nikkei media, Shuntaro Furukawa assures “do not consider this at this time”, And this for two reasons. The first is commendable: Nintendo wants it “Avoid alienating people” at an exorbitant price.

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Nintendo Switch will remain at the same price, phew!

The second, on the other hand, is more scientific. Despite the poor results of its last quarter, Nintendo is not deviating from its goal of 21 million Switches sold by the end of the financial year, next March. However, when the console is at a point in its life cycle where sales can decline unstoppably, Nintendo considers that raising prices would not be the right strategy to adopt – an opinion that others have a hard time sharing.

Despite everything, Shuntaro Furukawa admits that the hardware shortage makes the future of his console difficult to predict: “Regarding our sales forecast of 21 million units for the fiscal year until March 2023, we only have a clear view of production for this year. Beyond that, things are uncertain. » The developer however wants to be confident, especially thanks to the arrival of several expected games, including Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2.

Source: Nikkei