News is coming!  Chevrolet’s new compact could replace the Onix?

News is coming! Chevrolet’s new compact could replace the Onix?

Chevrolet is the official brand of General Motors in Brazil and other countries. He decided to launch a a new car compact in emerging countries, which will have hatch and sedan versions. Could this car replace the beloved Onix? Understand the subject better.

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The new Chevrolet compact will be sold in China under the Wuling brand, a joint venture with GM. The name is responsible for the most licensed electric car on the Chinese market this year, for example.

Chevrolet’s new compact can replace the Onix?

Expectations are that the new car will come with a 1.5 liter turbocharged combustion engine. The technology tools are basic and the proposal is to serve the market for more access. It is believed that the novel will reach, as well as China, Mexico, Peru, the Middle East and Chile. Sales will be made on behalf of Chevrolet everywhere.

In the promotional photos, the car is similar to the Onix sold in Brazil, especially the sedan version. These similarities and characteristics of the car raised doubts that it could replace the famous national one.

However, four-wheeler experts believe that the Onix is ​​unlikely to come to an abrupt end for such a vehicle. It would not make sense to remove one of the best-selling brands in the Brazilian market.

It’s true that Onix production has suffered greatly over the past few years due to component shortages. However, the model has already resumed the right course and returned to appear on the top of the best-sold and sought-after list in the national market.

So if you are one of the Chevrolet Onix lovers, you don’t have to worry right now. The company did not even mention Brazil as its intention to launch the car. At the moment, everything is normal and without major changes here.