New York Auto Show 2022: The Origin Concept X Speedium Coupe

New York Auto Show 2022: The Origin Concept X Speedium Coupe

South Korean luxury car manufacturers Genesis unveiled the X Speedium Coupe Concept at the New York 2022 Car Show.

Seeking prestige, the future of electronics

Genesis intends to expand its range and above all create, step by step, paid brand image, in a section where there are well-established values. The coupe is expected but this concept of the Genesis X Speedium Coupe, which is the evolution of the X Concept last year, is more likely to give an overview of its future EVs.

Earlier he unveiled plans to use electricity by 2030. Commenting on the new X Speedium Coupe Concept, Genesis Chief Design Officer Luc Donckerwolke said: “This car is a door opener in Genesis’ journey towards our future electric vehicle design. This is not a show car – it is a reflection of our architectural processes as we explore the ideas of the next generation of electric cars, which includes the DNA of Genesis. » The name Speedium is derived from the Inje Speedium race – also known as the Autopia Circuit – in South Korea, as is the color palette used for the Inje Green name.

The benefits of power

The X Speedium model is the evolution of the X Concept last year. The front is dominated by a “two-line” lighting design. a high characteristic that combines daylight lamps with a main beam and a beam beam. Unlike last year’s Concept X where two-line optics designed and integrated a well-defined grille, this time, the optics and the “grille” are one. The top line of the lighting fixtures actually creates a continuous band that crosses the front surface from one side to the other, while the bottom line of optics forms a v flared, thus giving the impression of forming a complete “grille”. Both are very later and are characteristic of an electric car that no longer needs a grille-radiator.

The sides of the X Speedium Coupé Concept are dominated by arches of flaming wheels that feature beautiful diamond cut wheels. After volume B, the change is very clear since the X-back level provides space here for a profile between the coupe and the hunting center car., with a sloping roof line. The glowing arch is supported in the back section with a double curved chrome bar that matches the optics design but also provides a flexible effect.

Behind the idea, which is distinguished by extended wheel arches, we find rear lights that we already see on several Genesis cars, but also a large duck-tail detector that picks up a third brake light with a V.-shaped curve in the middle, just to repeat the V of the “grille”. Also visible in the background are twin distribution elements on each side of the back plate. The flamboyant picks up the fake Aston Martin Virage air.

Genesis did not disclose any details about the electric trainbut the resulting examples will no doubt depend E-GMP Platform of the Hyundai group. The E-GMP platform can charge up to 800V with a range of up to 500 km. The most powerful vehicle according to the platform is the Kia EV6 GT which produces 577 hp and can reach 100 km / h from a stop in just 3.5 seconds.

Our opinion, by

The search for style is rather successful, both future and elegant, with a balance of power, without going overboard.

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