New Volkswagen Passat model, we unveil the 2023 family car

New Volkswagen Passat model, we unveil the 2023 family car

There Volkswagen Passat try to resist the growth of electronic models and internal competition. As soon as the flag of the brand, after the release of the sedan version at the end of 2021 (arrived after 49 years of uninterrupted production), only Station car variant.

Even though the good times are over (in 1998 about 350,000 Passports were sold, while in 2021 they went to 82,488 across Europe), the German family will try to reborn with a completely new style.

Delivery of the new Passat variant

With colleagues from Germany we tried to imagine a future Passat image that could see light inside in the middle of 2023. The toa brings together some spy image collected in recent months, an indication issued by the CEO Herbert Diess and takes inspiration from the structural philosophy that will be adopted by the new Skoda Superb Wagonwhose drawings have recently been published.

Passat variant will be born on MQB Platform and, according to Diess, will set “new standards in terms of quality, value and digital experience”. In particular, the new model will maintain the current number of thin car with a lower roof layer, a wider bonnet and, most likely, the front view similar to that of the Golf.

As in the future Superb Wagon, we should get bigger wheel arches and a sliding C-column to give the car a better look. Precisely for these features, Passat variant can replaceArteon Shooting Brakea model that has not been sold in Italy according to the Arteon sedan (also sold by us until 2021).

Possible engines

There should be no major disturbances in the column engine. The new Passat variant can be released each time in the gasoline variant 1.5 TSI and 150 HPperhaps in the form of a small hybrid. TheGTE plugin hybrid which can range from 218 to 245 hp (The power train has already been approved, for example, by Golf and other group cars such as the Cupra Formentor).

New Volkswagen Passat variant, the first spy images

New Volkswagen Passat variant, the first spy images

Diesel should remain on the list, and 2.0 TDI available in the contours from 150 Na 200 hpalso and 4Motion for all wheels. We are heading towards the confirmation of Automatic distribution of DSG 7-speed dual-clutchwhile there seems to be more doubt about the 6-speed manual, it is now being asked more and more by Volkswagen dealers.

And electric? By itself, the Passat variant will not have a zero-release version. However, the Aero B, the experimental name given to the electric successor of the Passat sedan, will also have a variant of the battery station car variant only.

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