New Volkswagen Amarok – Pickup refined to the last detail – –

New Volkswagen Amarok – Pickup refined to the last detail – –

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles launches the new second generation VW Amarok. This versatile pickup, as at home on the road as it is on the track, was thought and designed in Germany and Australia, and will be manufactured in South Africa. It is intended for the markets of Australia and New Zealand, but also for many countries in Africa, the Middle East and Central Europe. Its many features, twenty new driver assistance systems, its online mobile services, its powerful and efficient engines, its two all-wheel drive technologies, its modern equipment and its strong Volkswagen appearance make the Amarok one of the icons more efficient and balanced. in the world. Sales of this new premium model will take place at the end of the year in the first countries involved.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles sold more than 830,000 first-generation Amaroks in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, North Asia, Central America and South America. The time has come to make way for the second generation model. Everything has been modified, but its signature design Volkswagen clearly announces the color: it is in fact an Amarok. The new model became bigger, more powerful, more athletic and more attractive. “For this new generation, we have thoroughly revised the old Amarok design, which is now more expressive and more attractive”, emphasizes Albert Kirzinger, Design Director at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. The front end of the new pickup shows itself, as evidenced by the various versions “Amarok”, “Life” and “Cinema” and the luxury versions “PanAmericana” (including all. design). terrain) and “Aventura” (with a unique design).

The new VW Amarok is offered at launch in two versions, one with four doors and a double cab (DoubleCab), the other with two doors and a single cab (SingleCab). From the side view, the wheel arches, slightly rounded as in the previous generation, include an interesting visual detail, hanging light alloy rims of up to 21 inches. A very strong plastic border separates them from other enclosures, which further emphasize the sense of power that comes from the new style.

Longer wheelbase for more balanced proportions and improved off-road handling
At 5,350mm long, the new Amarok is 96mm longer than its predecessor. The 3,270 mm wheelbase has also been adjusted upwards, gaining 173 mm. So the new model offers more space, especially for the rear passengers in the double cabin version. As the wheelbase is extended beyond the overall length, the vehicle’s roll is reduced, giving the new design a more improved balance and improved track behavior due to improved approach angles. The off-road behavior of the Amarok, which will also have all-wheel drive as standard in most markets, is also improved on wet terrain thanks to a significantly increased tread depth, increasing from 500 mm to 800 mm.

High quality Volkswagen interior for professional use
With its ultra-bright digital screens, the interior has been designed by the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles teams to deliver superior performance and first-class quality. The various screens available include an 8.0-inch digital instrument panel (“Digital Cockpit”) on the base versions and a 12.0-inch from the “Style” version as well as a touch screen of a more modern format (10.0 inches on the base versions. , 12.0-inch standard from the “Style” version) for the infotainment system. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has equipped the Amarok with an intuitive control system that combines digital functions with ergonomic buttons and/or wheels. Therefore, the volume control of the infotainment system and the configuration of the parameters of the all-wheel drive are carried out using analog control. Depending on the interior design chosen, these simple yet functional elements can be surrounded by aluminum inserts.

The attention paid to the smallest details inside the passenger compartment is also shown by the optional Harman Kardon sound system offered as standard on PanAmericana and Aventura versions and available as an option on other model versions. This audio system is designed exclusively for the Amarok. The PanAmericana and Aventura trim also come standard with a leather dashboard with contrasting stitching. The first position of this new model is also included in the choice of seats: the driver and the front passenger benefit from ergonomic seats with multi-point electric adjustment on the most modern versions. In the DoubleCab version, rear passengers (up to three adults) have plenty of space and exceptional comfort to enjoy the journey. In the Style version, the seats are offered as standard with ArtVelours upholstery, and in the PanAmericana and Aventura versions, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has chosen high-quality leather upholstery.

Large cargo space of up to 1.16 tons
Whether in the double cabin or the single cabin version, the loading space, or Cargobox, is very generous. As in the previous model, the loading surface between the two rear wheel arches is wide enough to carry a standard European pallet mounted on the side. The single cabin version can even carry two pallets placed side by side. The load is stabilized using eyelets arranged on the loading surface, each of which can support up to 500 kg of load. In line with this higher payload capacity, the maximum payload has increased from over one tonne to 1.16 tonnes. The loading space can also be secured using an electric steering wheel that can be opened or closed from the Luggage Box, from the passenger compartment or even using the car key.

A new range of equipment to meet all needs
Globetrotters will appreciate the static load of the roof, which is 350 kg, enough load to transport, for example, the four-person tent offered in the equipment list. Other equipment will be available from the factory or as accessories, including light alloy wheels up to 21 inches, road tires (up to 18 inches) and various trailer models. Special Cargobox accessories will also be offered, such as a bicycle carrier, a multi-function transport system, a manual version of the roller shutter and Multi-Style Bars. The hardtop is also retracted to accommodate the loading area, thus transforming the pick-up into an SUV with the loading capacity of a van. Finally, it is possible to further improve the off-road behavior thanks to the new bullbar, protective skirts, off-road gearbox, eye glasses and a snorkel placed on the outside of the left front pillar to allow air to be. is supplied to the engine when crossing the ferry.

Five turbo engines adapted for different national markets
Volkswagen engineers have developed four turbo diesel (TDI) and turbo petrol (TSI) engines for the new Amarok. All these five engines are known for their high efficiency and high torque. The African market, for example, is offered a basic powertrain: a 2.0-liter four-cylinder TDI engine that develops 150 hp (110 kW). Next in power, available in most countries, is the 2.0-liter four-cylinder TDI engine that develops 170 hp (125 kW). Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles then offers a 2.0-liter TDI-turbo four-cylinder engine that develops 204 hp (150 kW) or 209 hp (154 kW) depending on the market. The most powerful version of the TDI is a 3.0-liter V6 engine that delivers 241 hp (177 kW) or 250 hp (184 kW) depending on the country. Finally, a 2.3 liter turbo petrol engine producing 302 hp (222 kW) is also designed for markets expecting a regular petrol engine.

New 10-speed gearbox and new 4MOTION transmission
From 209 hp of power, all versions of the new Amarok will be equipped as standard with a new 10-speed automatic gearbox with an electronic switch (shift by wire). This automatic gearbox is also available as an option for the 204 hp version. The new 10-speed replaces the previous generation’s 8-speed automatic. A 6-speed automatic transmission and a 6- or 5-speed manual are also offered, depending on the engine.

In most countries, the Amarok comes with 4MOTION all-wheel drive as standard. Two versions of this 4MOTION system are offered depending on location and engine: one with temporary all-wheel drive that can be activated depending on driving conditions, and the other with permanent all-wheel drive. This all-wheel drive allows the new Amarok to maintain good handling on all terrains and tow up to 3.5 tonnes depending on the engine.

More than twenty new driver assistance systems for hassle-free driving
Several different driving profiles, or Drive Modes (up to six) help the driver in various situations such as driving on a slippery surface or on a road that requires a lot of power. Numerous driver assistance systems also make driving the new Amarok even easier. The new model has more than twenty of these systems, including ACC+ adaptive cruise control (which takes into account road markings to control the speed according to the data obtained by the camera) or IQ.LIGHT LED matrix lights, which create a new model of Volkswagen. one of the most easily taken pictures in the world.

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