New Toyota GR Corolla 2022 Technical Data Revealed

New Toyota GR Corolla 2022 Technical Data Revealed

The Toyota GR Corolla has been unveiled, and its look is ruthless! We have images and details for you. In the United States, everyone is excitedly anticipating the release of the GR Corolla. The fact that the automobile is all about sportiness cannot be disregarded. In Europe, there is still uncertainty as to whether the GR Corolla will be offered for sale.

Sale in Europe still unknown

Toyota has created a new rally-capable GR Corolla modeled after the amazing all-wheel-drive GR Yaris.

Toyota GR Corolla: external design

The front may be quite intimidating. The massive grill, which allows in a great deal of air for cooling, has the GR emblem on its side. The fenders are flared, and the front fenders have vents behind the wheel arches. Red brake calipers and the “GR-Four” branding, which stands for all-wheel drive, make it abundantly evident that this vehicle is designed for sporting enjoyment.

Toyota GR Corolla

The Toyota GR Corolla is a five-door hatchback. The side view reveals the enormous rear spoiler, which adds to Corolla’s sportiness.

Additionally, the exhaust system is readily noticeable. There are three tailpipes, one per cylinder, with an oval one in the center.

Toyota GR Corolla: inside

To keep expenses in mind, the inside of the Toyota GR Corolla resembles that of the existing model. The cockpit is clean and tidy, with a huge multimedia screen and digital driver display situated in the middle.

As with the GR Yaris, the GR version has sporty improvements such as body-hugging sports seats, GR emblems, redesigned touchscreen menus, and aluminum pedals.

Toyota GR Corolla: engines and driving dynamics

Toyota utilizes the same engine as the GR Yaris, however, the GR Corolla receives the 272 horsepower Japanese version. In Europe, the GR Yaris has “only” 261 horsepower. Under the hood is a turbocharged three-cylinder engine of 1.6 liters.

We incorrectly thought that just front-wheel drive would be offered. The Corolla GR is available with an all-wheel drive.

Toyota GR Corolla: pricing and sales launch

The GR Corolla was introduced on April 1, 2022, in the United States by Toyota. It is uncertain if he will even go to Europe. Nonetheless, the GR Yaris is available in this nation. We must now wait.

The engine is reportedly a tweaked version of the GR Yaris’s 1.6-liter turbocharged three-cylinder. It shouldn’t be too difficult to upgrade the engine from its current 261 horsepower (192 kW) to 296 horsepower, since Litchfield currently offers modifications that enhance the output to 309 horsepower (227 kW).

Power is transmitted via a six-speed manual transmission. There is an all-wheel-drive with three modes that modify the distribution of torque between the front and back axles. That sounds as alluring as a Volkswagen Golf R, doesn’t it?

Toyota GR Corolla

According to Car Sensor, Toyota’s GR version of the Corolla is based on the five-door hatchback. Changes to the exterior include updated bumpers, bigger front and rear fenders with air vents, and a hood vent that removes engine heat.

The pricing of the GR Corolla is an even more intriguing element revealed by this abundance of speculations. Accordingly, the Japanese hot hatch should cost between 3.5 and 4.0 million yen (about 27,000 euros at the current currency rate) (31,000 euros). In contrast, the all-wheel-drive GR Yaris begins at 33,200 euros in Germany. If these stats remain true for the price of the GR Corolla, then it may be a steal.

In Japan, there might potentially be a 2.0-liter hybrid-assist engine-powered Corolla Touring GR model. According to reports, the GR Corolla might launch in 2021. However, it is unknown whether and when such a vehicle will be exported. Toshio Kanei, Toyota’s Deputy Chief Designer, confirmed the vehicle’s development in 2019.