New – tips for a great tour and mobile home

New – tips for a great tour and mobile home

A long trip with a mobile home needs to be well prepared so that no damage can ruin the joy of freedom. Security experts from Dekra offer tips. Taking a mobile home or caravan, closing it and going on a long trip is a sensible start to a holiday for very few people.

“After a ‘hibernation’ or winter camp, cars and caravans require a thorough technical inspection that makes them suitable for the next trip,” says Markus Egelhaaf, an accident researcher at Dekra. “You have to take a closer look at the brake system, tires and electronics, and with this trailer it also includes a tow truck connection.” Do not forget: check the liquid gas system.

The weakest part that is often overlooked in mobile homes is caravans. The combination of long-term low-end and high-vehicle vehicle prefers defects, especially with high loads and poor maintenance.

So important: Before you start, check the tires for damage, check the tread depth and age of the tires, and the old tires and if in doubt it is best to check them with a professional! When the tires are cold, cope with the pressure of inflation on the load condition according to the manufacturer’s instructions. By the way: For 100 km / h sidecars, tires can be more than six years old.

In the case of a trailer, the proper coordination of the tow truck and caravan is essential for safe operation, and you should take this into account when buying and renting. In fact, a tow truck with a powerful enough engine must also be in perfect technical condition, and the trailer allowed by the vertical load must be the same for the caravan.

Extremely high or poorly distributed loads can cause instability in mobile homes and caravans. For this reason, the total mass allowed should not be exceeded for any vehicle. Permitted assistance with trailer loads must be considered here. If the limit is exceeded, there is a fine.

In addition, luggage must be carefully placed. Heavy loads – such as camping furniture, food supplies or crowns – find the best place as low as possible. The top storage boxes are stored at light weight. But be careful: “Make sure the weight is evenly distributed without exceeding the individual axle loads, otherwise the car loses its operational accuracy and driving stability,” explains Egelhaaf.

If you are transitioning from a private car to a trailer or mobile home, you must be prepared for a much-restricted view backwards. There is no way around to correctly place the outside mirrors. Extra caravan mirrors are needed for most car-traveling combinations.

Egelhaaf insists that driving habits for mobile homes and the like usually signify change. “Especially when applying the brakes, dodging and turning the corner, it means rethinking.” For trips and house walks or caravans, those who have practiced handling large vehicles in a special driver safety training course have the best equipment.

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