New revelation about the future Alfa Romeo Giulia

New revelation about the future Alfa Romeo Giulia

According to the brand’s boss, Alfa Romeo would prepare the new generation of Giulia, which will be 100% electronic and would remain with the current fashion trends.

The sale of Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Giulia is dying, apart from the goals of an Italian designer who had invested heavily in their common architectural design called Giorgio. If the unlimited growth of the SUV still appears to ensure the first upgrade, it was allowed to question the future of the sedan. But Jean-Philippe Imparato, who became director of Alfa Romeo in January 2021 after more than four years as Peugeot’s chief, assured British journalists. from Auto Express that Giulia would have an alternative. This could see the light of day in 2025.

It is now part of the Stellantis group, Alfa Romeo will no longer offer any heat models in its major markets (Europe, China, North America) from 2027. The future Giulia should be based on a large STLA module platform and can be 100% electronic. “Alfa Romeo will give Giulia a future, and we will also work on SUVs because we are Chinese and we are Americans, but Giulia’s silhouette is beautiful and I don’t want to lose that. […] There is a future for this type of car, but the next time you will have electricity. Maybe that means 100% electricity for Alfa Romeo, “Imparato said. So Giulia wouldn’t go through a hybrid box.” You’re not half pregnant, you know what I mean? “He stressed the leader, repeating the formula he loves most recently.

play with weight

The later Giulia would be true to the roots of Alfa Romeo games; Imratato would hang “Higher average performance level”. But in order to sell this game, the manufacturer may use misleading slogans. “I would like to get used to the slogan ‘weight is the enemy’ [cité en anglais ‘light is right’ d’après la devise de Colin Chapman, fondateur de Lotus] in Alfa Romeo. Although I have a lot of drumming, I want to present this quick idea. (…) It is the foundation of Alfa Romeo and we are creating this new layer on it. “,” he said.

Visible electrical quadrifoglio

According to Stellantis, a large STLA platform will be able to carry a battery of more than 100 kWh and the most efficient vehicles using it are said to be capable of going from 0 to 100 km / h in approximately 2 seconds. A Electric Giulia Quadrifoglio very muscular would be considered because it “would be exactly the same as the Quadrifoglio philosophy which we have carried since the beginning of the edition” according to Jean-Philippe Imparato. Sports sedan can have it two engines, hence a four-wheel drive, and each can accelerate around 450 hp. The person who oversees future development Alfa Romeo will also be an expert in high performance. “The person we appointed to oversee the specification, features and functionality is Fabio Migliavacca, the person who designed the GTA version of Alfa Romeo,” the director was quoted as saying. Before the next Giulia, it is probably for the SUV that Alfa Romeo will launch in all electronics. The car involved is expected in 2024.

Published 08/11/2021 Updated 08/11/2021