New Renault Kadjar 2022 Interior Exposed

New Renault Kadjar 2022 Interior Exposed

The development of the latest generation of Renault Kadjar is nearing its conclusion. Renault’s long-awaited SUV redesign has been spotted in broad daylight once again. Most significantly, the inside has been made visible.

Renault has maintained a high level of activity on the long-awaited complete redesign of its popular compact SUV. Renault Kadjar’s next generation is soon around the corner. We’ve had many chances to get closer to development over the last few months, owing to the high volume of sightings. However, a thorough examination of the cabin has not been feasible to yet.

The inside of the new Kadjar has been shown in these spy pictures, which were shot during a brief halt by a prototype during a road test session. This enables us to enter the cabin, more precisely to the front. And, although certain parts remain concealed by camouflage, the cockpit’s primary components are visible.

Renault Kadjar II (2022): what we already know

Interior spy shots of the redesigned Renault Kadjar 2022

As anticipated, the Kadjar’s second-generation would place a premium on digitalization. The French SUV will be networked. It has a two-screen system that serves as a fast reminder of the solution used in the new Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric, which was unveiled at the recent Munich Motor Show 2021.

On the one hand, we have an instrumentation screen. Additionally, the instrument panel is entirely digital. The second, vertically organized, is big and will serve as the infotainment system’s “nerve center.” The controls for the air conditioning system are located at the bottom of the touch screen that will be mounted in the center console.

Regrettably, the angle from which the photos were shot prevents us from seeing the wheel. In any case, it’ll be fascinating to observe how it looks in the same manner that you’ll need to pay careful attention to the chairs. In comparison to the variant now available in dealerships, the new Kadjar will have a completely remodeled interior.

Renault Kadjar 2022, an all-electric SUV

We have little or no remark about the exterior of the pictured specimen. It is still heavily camouflaged. There is little information available about other sightings that happened in prior months. The project, codenamed HHN internally, will use Renault’s new design language.

Renault is placing a significant stake in the new Kadjar. The French manufacturer’s eyes are focused on the Peugeot 3008. It wishes to compete against one of the industry’s standards in the competitive C sector. It will be based on the Renault Group’s CMF platform in its small vehicle version. A design that paves the way for electrification.

There are no diesel engines available in the range of engines. Renault has abandoned this fuel in favor of gasoline. Along with the new 1.2 TCe engine, a 1.3-liter TCe engine with 12-volt Light Hybrid Technology (MHEV) will be available. E-Tech technologies will also be on display to pique the interest of those who value sustainable transportation. The 2017 Kadjar will include a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) as a demonstration of the company’s commitment to electrification. MORE: Lexus NX 450h Undergoes Rigorous Testing

Although the overwhelming majority of variants will be front-wheel drive, 4×4 versions will also be available. Similarly, customers will be able to select between manual and automatic transmission engines.

As previously said, development is nearing its conclusion. The new Kadjar will be launched in only a few months. Now, we will have to wait until 2022 to see its commercial debut. MORE: Volkswagen ID X’s Top-Secret Technology Unveiled

The development of the Renault Kadjar 2022’s second generation is nearing its conclusion. Renault’s small SUV is undergoing a comprehensive redesign with the explicit goal of competing with the Peugeot 3008 and Nissan Qashqai, two-segment standards. Discover the secrets of the new Kadjar as we gain a glimpse of its design via copies.

Renault is actively engaged in a variety of initiatives. Among them is the generation shift of his small SUV. Renault Kadjar’s second generation is nearing completion. The development process is well along and is on the approach of reaching its conclusion. The French brand recognizes the significance of the C-SUV market and has opted to up the stakes on its model in order to challenge the industry’s standards.

We’ve had multiple chances in the previous several months to learn more about the development of the new Kadjar 2022, thanks to stunning sightings of prototypes. Now that the project is nearing completion, it is a perfect opportunity to compile all available data and examine the most critical keys for the next generation that is already looming on the horizon.

The Kadjar is now receiving an extensive makeover. Exterior design, cabin layout, engines, and technological equipment, among other things. The replicas have been constructed to illustrate this piece and to help us to learn what the new Kadjar will look like. They are based on the newest spy images from our photographers and other stories.

When compared to the model that is currently available via our dealers, the changes are astounding. Renault’s new design language will be used to the Kadjar 2. A design concept that abandons soft curves in favor of the polar opposite. Straight lines, sharp surfaces, and, in a nutshell, very unique qualities that demonstrate your individuality.

Renault is keen to take on the Peugeot 3008 and Nissan Qashqai, two illustrious competitors in the small SUV category. Internally, it is referred to as “HHN”. It will have a front end that is dominated by the grill. A grille in the shape of the letter C that links directly to the lighting groups. Large air intakes will be seen on the bumper.

At the back, the new taillights are horizontally oriented and lengthened to accentuate the sense of breadth. The higher beltline, in combination with the sloping roof and the design of the wheel arches, contributes significantly to the ensemble’s attraction. Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric, the company’s long-awaited electric vehicle, had a significant influence on the design process.

Renault Kadjar’s new cabin

Outside of it, if we had the option to enter the new Kadjar, we would rapidly find ourselves in a technological world. It will make a quantum jump in connection and automation, using the Renault Group’s most recent technological advancements in these areas. It incorporates a new entertainment system that permits the usage of a wide variety of digital services. Both the digital instrument cluster and the multimedia system’s display combine to provide a sense of being surrounded by a digital world for the driver.

As previously stated, the new Kadjar’s mechanical component is 100% electrified. At the time of writing, the current model is available solely with conventional gasoline engines. This is about to alter dramatically. One of the major surprises will be the debut of Renault’s new 1.2-liter TCe engine. A block was issued in the Kadjar’s new generation.

This innovative engine will serve as the foundation for future Renault hybrid vehicles. No diesel engines will be used. Everything is centered around fuel. However, we will have access to 48-volt mild hybrid electric vehicles (MHEVs) and hybrid variations. E-tech technology will take center stage, with a special emphasis on the newly built 1.2 TCe engine. Additionally, a 1.3-liter TCe 12 volt mild-hybrid engine is available.

While front-wheel drive will be the primary focus, there will also be potential for four-wheel-drive vehicles. Additionally, a manual or automatic gearbox will be available.

Renault’s ideas for the new Kadjar extend much beyond a straightforward generation shift. The objective is to establish a genuine “Kadjar family.” There will be an extended model, akin to the Grand Kadjar, to compete with the Peugeot 5008, as well as an SUV coupe type to appeal to those seeking a more sporty and dynamic image.

There are still a few months till the new Kadjar makes his debut. Additionally, we will have to wait until 2022 for the first models to arrive at our showrooms. We will closely monitor all developments in this critical initiative. And is that the C-SUV sector accounts for a significant portion of European automobile sales.

Renault updates the Renault Kadjar 2022 versus 2021 with a more dynamic design.

To reclaim a more fitting position, whoever becomes the underdog in France must perform better on both the inside and outside.

As a result, the Kadjar 2 will maintain its existing look. Without being revolutionary, because Renault is currently focusing on design continuity, it will incorporate the latest stylistic codes, as seen most prominently on the Mégane show car, both at the front with the daytime running lights integrated into the headlights and at the rear with a light band that spans the vehicle’s width.

On the other hand, the Kadjar 2 will be entitled to an interior revolution that will elevate the displays to a position of prominence, as we saw in the initial photographs of the future Mégane, and which will adopt the shape shown in the Morphoz concept in 2020, particularly at the center console level.

If the contemporary Kadjar prioritizes comfort, as does its Japanese cousin the Nissan Qashqai, it is substantially less dynamic than the 3008 or the new Arkana. Here, as well, is a philosophical narrative. And since the buyer is often the driver, you must inflate your ego in order to get the check signed.

Despite this, the Kadjar remains a very excellent car in 2021, with attractive discounts available owing to its present bad condition and the impending end of life.
Which Renault Kadjar 2022 model to choose?

Renault, in contrast to its rivals, opted to sell the Kadjar in just five places to make way for the Scénic. With the demise of the tiny MPV (such as Space’s), the Kadjar will be due much more than the existing model.

The future SUV should come in three body styles: five-seater, seven-seater, and eight-seater. Along with the standard five-seater Kadjar, we discover an expanded variant with seven actual seats, much as its French counterpart does.

Along with the two previous models, the range has been expanded with the inclusion of a new “Coupé” model that competes directly with… the Arkana, a more dynamic and athletic car.

Renault will replace both the existing Kadjar and Scénic with a single car available in numerous variants that will progress to the luxury class, as well as serve select Koléos clients.

New hybrid engines are being developed, but there will be no diesel engines in the future. Kadjar Renault

The present Kadjar is not eligible for hybrid driving towards the conclusion of its life. His successor will face a radically different position since a new generation of E-TECH motors will be released.

As the Alliance requires, the new Kadjar will always be built on the same architecture as the Nissan Qashqai, namely the CMF platform in its C / D configuration (typical for the C category), but this time the Diamond brand has had the time necessary to transform it into a genuine Renault.

If the current generation E-TECH is built on a Nissan 1.6-liter atmosphere block, the next generation will include a new Renault engine, a three-cylinder 1.2-liter (code name HR12) coupled to a dog clutch (DB45). While Renault was originally planning to employ Mitsubishi’s hybrid technology, the company has changed its mind and will instead use its own. Mitsubishi’s technology, according to the company, would not match future requirements.

Renault expects that by lowering the cubic capacity, it can continue to increase consumption and hence CO2 emissions. Additionally, the engine gains power, as it will be available in 200 hp. and even 280 hp. rechargeable versions, as well as a four-wheel drive (which facilitates the transmission of power and torque) thanks to the power of a second motor mounted on the rear wheels, which converts it to four-wheel drive.

Notably, despite this speed, it will be the first model restricted to 180 km/h, a declaration made by Luca De Meo on Thursday the 6th that generated much more uproar than he anticipated.

When the 200-hp engine is accessible as soon as it enters the market in 2022, the 280-hp engine will not be available until 2024.

Along with this new engine, the Kadjar will continue to offer the 1.3 TCe block in 140 and 160 horsepower configurations. fitted with micro-hybrid technology, manual or automatic gearbox… Nissan Original CVT This block does not seem to incorporate the EDC dual-clutch transmission.

And it’s unsurprising that there will be no diesel option. Not necessarily a bad thing, since there is definitely still a market for this sort of provision. The sale of 208 types of diesel demonstrates this, as the Clio is forced to go without…

A Spanish-made production

As is the case with the current version, the new Kadjar will be manufactured in Spain at the Palencia facility. And that’s not all: as previously stated, the complete hybrid component will be manufactured in Spain: the gearbox for the E-ETCH block will be manufactured in Seville, while the future E-TECH HR12 motor will be manufactured at the Valladolid factory.

Kadjar’s future is scheduled to begin in 2022.

This new Kadjar will be revealed to the public in spring 2022 and will likely be on sale during the summer or early September 2022 car show, if it occurs.