New registration sections April 2022 |  CAR JEWS AND SPORTS

New registration sections April 2022 | CAR JEWS AND SPORTS

Five groups are led by new leaders in April. In general, he can also give marks.

The new automotive business is dominated by production and, as a result, delivery constraints. Those who can now serve their customers are clearly on the path to victory. Accordingly, the new registration statistics only show the selective status, but no longer reflect the general styles.

In April, new Federal Motor Vehicle Authority registration figures recorded new predecessors in a total of five sections. But there was also a lot of movement in the back positions. But let’s start in the still waters. In minis, the Fiat 500 loses significantly in full numbers, but can still hold its place high in front of the VW Up and Hyundai i10. But even with small cars, things are getting more complicated. Opel Corsa plays powerfully and takes the sun in place. In his wake, he washes the VW Polo, which has also become stronger, to second place. The third remains the Yaris from Toyota stable.

VW Passat terrific, Tesla Model 3 is irrelevant

While registration numbers are declining dramatically, Golf is still at the top of gambling. Behind it, the Kia Ceed could replace the Audi A3 in April, with the best Korean finish. In the middle class, which is generally quite weak, the VW Passat pushes back first place. Behind him, the Mercedes C-Class could win the BMW 3 Series. The Tesla Model 3 was included in April under “also operated”. Americans are obviously waiting for the next ship with a new product.


Tesla’s Model 3 failed to close in April.

The Mercedes E-Class is very powerful in the upper middle class. The BMW 5 Series and Audi A6 – leaders in the table last month – remain the only ones. The star also leads the field in the luxury class – the S-Class. The Porsche Taycan passed the BMW 7 Series in second place.

The country of the SUV is the country of the VW – at least in Germany. The top of the microphone is T-Roc in front of the T-Cross. New on three land Ford Kuga. among its related off-road vehicles, the BMW X3 successfully defeats the clever winner of all time, the VW Tiguan. The Bavarian is ahead of Wolfsburg. In April, the Audi Q5 won third place in the family competition with Q3.

King of a sports car from Zuffenhausen

The king of the undisputed sports car remains the Porsche 911, which dominates more in April than ever before. The BMW Z4 follows again with obvious shortcomings. And with the Mercedes E-Class Coupé, someone who has known him for a long time is on the podium again.

Space in mini-van parts, utilities and car houses are also known from last month. In big trucks, the new Dacia Jogger could exploit the weakness of the VW Touran and put itself in second place behind long-time winner Mercedes B-Class.

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Vehicles that cannot be delivered or built may not appear on the registration statistics. Accordingly, the statistics show a distorted picture. At present it is impossible to say when the situation will return to normal. Until then, many brands have opportunities to earn points that are not for the benefit of the customers.

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