New Range Rover is made from sustainable materials;  see pictures and description

New Range Rover is made from sustainable materials; see pictures and description

O New Range Rover, which arrives in Brazil in the first half of this year, has its main attraction as a new, more sustainable and innovative raw material. Among them, premium textile materials that combine Ultrafabrics with Kvadrat’s cotton blend.

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O A brand new SUV it will also bring an option with a leather-less interior in higher specification levels.

New alternative materials New Ranger Rover can be found in various parts of the car’s interior, combining soft cotton with ultrafabrics of technology to create a comfortable and innovative interior experience.

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The brand also strengthened its pioneering relationship with Kvadrat, Europe’s leading manufacturer of high-quality and environmentally friendly textiles, which will continue to supply automotive accessories.

“Oh New Range Rover it balances tradition and evolution,” says Amy Frascella, Director of Colors and Materials for Jaguar Land Rover. “All of the materials in it were chosen with a modern and contemporary design in mind, continuing our material strategy to develop more sustainable options that serve as an alternative to leather.”

Selection of materials for New Ranger Rover it’s also on the new Range Rover floor mats. They are made of Econyl yarn, produced from recycled industrial plastic, textile waste and plastics reclaimed from the ocean.

This sustainably sourced material contains 40% recycled content and embodies the concept of modern luxury while maintaining the brand’s commitment to the environment and its conservation.

New exclusive colors

The new range of stylish exterior color options is made up of 12 solid shades, as well as premium metal and metallic options, among which new items are Lantau Bronze, Belgravia Green, Batumi Gold and Charente Grey.

Inside, colors are used wisely to create a peaceful atmosphere, with attention to detail, which this combination of materials becomes more. The abundance of natural light thanks to the large sunroof or even the choice of different fibers from the Kvadrat cotton blend, the different colored fabrics create a nuance that adds dimension and strength to the look by lifting different shades on the fabric.

To ensure a modern and refined finish, the interior of New Range Rover receives in its design a precisely designed metallic decoration that uses a sequence of dark chrome and satin tones to create a visual harmony with a personal sanctuary.

New Range Rover in Brazil

The new luxury SUV will arrive in Brazil in 2022 initially in a special edition of the First Edition, based on the Autobiography version and exclusive condition, with SV Bespoke paint and Sunset Gold Satin, as well as other exterior color options.