New – pure luxury Ferrari SP48 Unica

New – pure luxury Ferrari SP48 Unica

Pure luxury: Ferrari SP48 Unica. It joins the most unique production group in Maranello: unique, custom-made vehicles based on customer specifications.

Dreaming is allowed. The SP48 Unica is a berlinetta of two-seater sports and the turbo-charged V8 engine also runs on the F8 Tributo. Designed by Ferrari Centro Stile under the direction of chief architect Flavio Manzoni. With its taut lines and extremes, it immediately refers to the original pattern, but it is indisputable thanks to its arrow-shaped front profile. The key to this effect was the adjustment of the lighting fixtures and subsequent transfer of air intake to the brakes.

An important feature of the engineering and design of this unique new vehicle is the extensive use of process parameters and 3D prototyping (additional manufacturing). They allowed Ferrari Centro Stile designers and technicians from Maranello to redesign the front grille and engine ventilation. The design of the car allowed to put charge ventilation behind the side windows, which in turn made it possible to reduce the intake on the side. Long back installation reduces absorption from the roof area and increases back strength.

The transition from black – on windows, roof and engine cover – to body color is particularly clear. The effect of a separate front visor is enhanced by a reduction in the size of the side windows and the removal of the rear window.
The interior retains the technical identity of the F8 Tributo – except for the rear window. The matte carbon fiber gives the pilots room a touch of technology and uniqueness and is complemented by metallic accents in the Grigio Canna di Fucile.

The Ferrari SP48 Unica was created for a long-time customer who was involved in every step of its development. The purpose of its development was to redesign the existing structure skillfully. The result? A unique Ferrari with a Cavallino Rampante brand, made to the same standards as every car from the Maranello connecting line.

The manufacturer did not mention the price of the decorative piece, but calling it a unique piece like that is valuable nonetheless.

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