New one-time project with behavioral structure

New one-time project with behavioral structure


Ferrari SP48 Unica: A new instant project with behavioral structure

Ferrari launches SP48 Unica, an innovation made following the request of a wealthy buyer. The latter takes the base of the F8 Tributo.

Ferrari regularly creates unified models between its loyal and wealthy customers. This was the case with the BR20 launched in November 2021, a 2-seat coupé according to GTC4Lusso. This time, the Riding Horse is showing SP48 Unica. Berlinetta was developed from the F8 Tributo platform, and redesigned by the Ferrari Styling Center. Attention is paid to visual parts, as is often the case with “single offs”. Mechanical does not change.

Improved creativity

The lines are sharper than the F8 Tributo, which immediately features the Ferrari SP48 Unica. The redesigned front face may be reminiscent of that of Rome. In addition, the tip of the nose descends toward the grille, which is closed in the middle. The lighting design has also changed, with a new horizontal design like that of the SF90 Stradale.

The black element separates the roof into two parts and the side windows are tilted towards the back, giving the car dynamics. The back surface is also completely new, with very thin lights attached to a shiny black tape. But the place where Ferrari has worked most is on the roof and back. Indeed, the traditional cover of the F8 half-vented engine has disappeared. Instead, it is a single piece of carbon fiber that completely covers the engine.

Alcantara with carbon fiber inside

The interior of the Ferrari SP48 Unica is unknown at this time. We just know that it is not exactly different from the F8. The buyer immediately opted for the Alcantara laser with a laser hole, which covers the seats and dashboard. “It adopts the hexagonal structure of the radiator grille”, emphasizes the Ferrari, as well as the red-orange color of body function. Not to mention, matte carbon fiber which is also embedded in the cabin.

As far as the engine is concerned, nothing is changing, it is a 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 from F8 Tributo. Ferrari is not talking about the price of this bespoke design, but it could be around 2 million euros.

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