new mini-series announcement on ARTE starting this Thursday, September 8

new mini-series announcement on ARTE starting this Thursday, September 8

This Thursday, September 8 at 8:55 pm, ARTE will start broadcasting “Crime in public”, a new German series in 6 episodes.

inspector Mike Briegandback in his native place to explain the murder of a little girl, he glimpses a tragic event from his youth.

Episode 1

criminal police inspector, Mike Briegand he must return to his hometown in Lower Lusatia, Lauchhammer, to solve a dark case there: the murder of a little girl whose body was found on the shore of a lake. At the site, he is forced to team up with a powerful detective Annalena Gottknecht. The two detectives are not favored by the local police. In the absence of symptoms, the investigation is difficult to move forward, until the identification of the victim, Ramona Schinschkeage 17. Quickly, suspicion falls Juryhis ex-boyfriend.

Episode 2

From now on, everything seems to be accusing Oliver Bartko, an outsider living a wandering life. But Mikewho has known him since childhood, is bright: as eccentric as he is, never oliver he could not strangle anyone. They face the stubbornness of Mike, Annalena he decides to investigate the victim’s life and discovers that Ramona he had a lot of money. How could a high school student from a poor background amass such wealth?

Episode 3

Oliver is arrested due to symptoms of Florian Langendorffthe new companion of the ex-wife of Mike. But Florian it is suspected on his part: his car was seen at the scene of the crime. Annalena, apart from being convinced, analyzes the local register of missing persons for clues. This time, the local police, under the command ofAndre Potschkeis planning yet another raid in hopes of stopping drug trafficking…

The final three episodes will air next Thursday.