New Mazda CX-60 arrives in Portugal amid “class struggle”

New Mazda CX-60 arrives in Portugal amid “class struggle”

It’s not normal. At the European presentation of the new model of the CX-60 2.5 PHEV, held in Germany, Mazda’s representative in Portugal refused to present sales estimates in front of an audience of national journalists. Luís Morais knows that the SUV market continues to grow in the car market, whose sales are falling. But even then he did not dare to make a prediction.

And the reason – which is not new for Mazda, which has already had to “change” the models to suit the Portuguese market – is again related to the tax for the tax class.

The Mazda CX-60, which Renaissance tested in Leverkusen, Germany, is a Plug-in with 4×4 capability.

The law favors “plug-in” vehicles, like other electric vehicles, because they are environmentally friendly, but since the CX-60 has four-wheel drive, it is penalized and receives a Class 2 tax label.

The current law refers to article 71/2018 of September 5, which specifies that “the requirement not to present a permanent or insertable four-wheel drive applies to mechanical traction, and axles that present are not considered for this purpose. electricity” .

And it is here that this model, like others sold in the Portuguese market, ends up being punished, because it is not Class 1 – even through Via Verde – it can reduce sales. A customer can opt out of a purchase by paying Class 2 fees, which are higher than paying for Class 1 tickets.

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