New Lancia Thema, Its Return Feasible

New Lancia Thema, Its Return Feasible

A famous vehicle such as the Lancia Thema will not be eliminated from the list so easily; it will return in 2024 with three new electric car variants. Even though we don’t know much about the new models yet, there have been recent reports that have aroused the excitement of auto enthusiasts around.

Lancia is one of Europe’s oldest automakers, having been established on November 1, 1906, by Vincenzo Lancia (born April 3, 1868). In its long and famous history, it has produced several exquisite and remarkable automobiles. The Lancia Thema was an executive saloon produced between 1982 and 1992.

Two models of Thema were produced: 5-door hatchbacks from 1982 to 1992 and 4-door sedans from 1992 to 1996. Large luxury automobiles are powered by normally aspirated or turbocharged gasoline engines coupled to a manual gearbox and driving all four wheels. They are not often considered historic vehicles, yet they make for excellent secondhand automobiles today.

CarBuzz reports that Chinese carmaker Chery has bought complete control of Italian supercar manufacturer Lancia. One of the vehicles Chery aims to release is an electric version of the classic Lancia Thema sports sedan.

We anticipate that this vehicle will have strong electric motors that drive all four wheels, despite the fact that nothing has been confirmed about it. If this proves true, we may anticipate a family vehicle capable of competing with the Tesla Model S. In any event, it is anticipated that all three new models would start production in 2024 and cost less than 56,000 euros.

The return of famous automobiles is nothing new. Resurrected examples of cool automobiles are the Mini, PT Cruiser, Volkswagen Beetle, and Tesla Roadster. According to rumors, Fiat Chrysler will reintroduce the Lancia Thema, a stunning automobile from 1984. On the surface, it may seem to be a random choice, but there is really a great deal of logic behind it. Let’s take a deeper look at the situation.

Will the brand-new LANCIA THEMA be equipped with wireless charging technology?
What if there were no charging cables whatsoever? What if it were possible to just set your LANCIA THEMA on a charging pad and drive away without having to locate an outlet?

This is where wireless charging enters the picture. It looks like a fantastic concept for LANCIA enthusiasts who desire the dependability of electric power without sacrificing their favorite aspects of automobile ownership. We cannot confirm that wireless charging will be accessible when LANCIA THEMA is released in 2024, but we can state that multiple firms are working diligently to make it so.

Wireless charging is now accessible, although on a small scale; thus, we predict that wireless charging technology will be completely developed by then. And since you will be able to charge your LANCIA THEMA without plugging anything in or fiddling with cords and connections (unlike some other EVs), we believe the wait will be worthwhile!

Each wheel will be supplied with two tiny electric motors. This method, known as dual-motor, was selected because, by changing the power output of each motor individually, it can give both athletic performance and remarkable efficiency.

Lancia Thema

The total power of 450 kW (603 PS) is capable of accelerating the Lancia Thema from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in less than four seconds and providing a typical range of 500 kilometers. By employing a high-capacity liquid cooling system that distributes heat without compressor losses and permitting complete regeneration by decelerating during braking, these motors generate amazingly low levels of operational noise and nearly no CO2 emissions.

A battery pack installed under the floor permits a very low center of gravity, resulting in improved dynamic handling qualities.

Utilizing several cutting-edge technologies, the Lancia Thema’s self-driving function ensures safe driving. One hand on the steering wheel is sufficient to operate the automobile. It can identify obstacles ahead of you, steer correctly, and apply the brakes automatically when necessary, so enhancing the driving experience. Aside from that, it will be useful in an emergency for both the driver and the passengers.