New Kia Sportage launched in Brazil – 07/30/2022 – News

New Kia Sportage launched in Brazil – 07/30/2022 – News

Kia Brasil announced this week the launch of the Sportage, the second model based on the South Korean automaker’s new brand positioning in Brazil, along with a new logo. The first electric model from Kia Brasil to be sold, the Stonic, was launched in November 2021. The main features of the new Sportage, in two versions, are its Gamma II 4-cylinder engine, turbo GDI (direct injection) petrol engine of 1.6 liter with hybrid system MHEV 48V (Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle), Smartstream, capable of producing 180 hp and combined power (internal combustion and electric) at a speed of 5,500 rpm and a torque of 27 kgf.m, in the configuration complete exterior and the introduction of a wide range of ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance System Technology, capable of providing greater safety to the occupants of the model.


New Sportage is an SUV that is attractive, due to its unique beauty of balanced and modern lines, as well as a high level of technology.

The Smartstream is the next generation electric powertrain that embodies Kia’s efforts to lead the world’s next mobility movement. It caters to the diverse and varied needs of drivers, while HEVs (Hybrid Electric Vehicles) and PHEVs (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles) are still seeking greater accessibility. As both still require a traditional internal combustion engine (ICE), Kia’s Smartstream Research and Development (R&D) Center has also incorporated ongoing efforts to improve existing technologies in internal combustion engines.

The control system of this engine includes a 16-valve DOHC and E-CVVT, as well as Variable Valve Timing Control (CVVD), which provides Cruise mode, turning off the propeller completely in flat road conditions and, therefore , fuel economy; with the entire Sportage hybrid system is used when the car is facing a slope, saving the combustion engine, or on hills, when the electric train needs more power, always prioritizing efficiency of use and low levels of emissions.

The engine assembly is mated to a 7-speed automatic transmission with two DCT clutches. With this configuration, Sportage – according to Inmetro – recorded a performance of 11.5 km / l in the city and 12.1 km / l on the highway, always fueled by gasoline.

Agility and sports. Sportage brings a dynamic, unique and confident personality to the light hybrid SUV segment, with excellent driving characteristics to meet the needs of drivers. The model has three driving modes (Eco, Normal and Sport), allowing the driver to choose the driving mode that suits him best. The goal of the development team was to combine sports steering, precision and stability of a straight line (SLS), when braking and cornering at the same time (VSM and CBC) and moving quickly at high speeds.

More than any other Kia model, engineers have given high priority to sporty, confident dynamics with direct and quick responses. The Sportage has a new MacPherson strut front suspension setup, coil springs and gas shock absorbers at the rear.

The body of the Sportage combines bold lines with smooth, unmistakable surfaces.

Comfort and technology. Despite its compact dimensions, measuring 4,515 mm in length, 1,865 mm in width and 1,650 mm in height, the Sportage cabin offers space and comfort for all occupants, with a wheelbase of 2,680 mm. The fuel tank (54 litres) is located under the rear seat to give passengers more legroom and a lower seating position. The wheels are 18″ (EX version) and 19″ (EX Prestige version) alloy wheels, and the trunk has a capacity of 562 liters and with the rear seat row folded down, the capacity reaches 1,751 liters.

Proposed to be one of the most modern and attractive cars in the category, the Sportage has an entertainment system that combines the functionality of a smartphone, through a 12.3-inch floating touchscreen and a programmable digital instrument panel. bent joint. LCD screens, also 12.3″, Management Cluster, in the middle of the window (both in the EX Prestige version), compatible with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ systems, and support navigation with a reversing camera with dynamic parking guides on display.. Rear passengers can also charge their smartphones via the USB Type-C port located behind the front seats.

The Sportage comes equipped with automatic digital climate control and front controls, a multifunction steering wheel, an on-board computer with a digital color screen and power flow indicator and an audio system. In the EX Prestige version, the front climate control is touch sensitive and the on-board computer is located in the instrument panel with a 12.3-inch LCD screen.

Security. The Sportage is placed on a stable and light platform made of 51% Advanced High Strength Steel, which ensures a safe and comfortable ride in different conditions. The extensive use of structural adhesives ensures a body with high torsional rigidity, 24% better than the previous generation.

These technologies include dual front, side and curtain airbags, which span the entire length of the cabin, exterior mirrors that can be electrically adjusted and folded, heated and integrated LED repeater signals, the Isofix system, brakes equipped with ABS and EBD systems, front and rear. parking sensors, hill start assistant (HAC), among others, to meet more safety needs in the car.

“Sportage has been our leader in sales. Its 5th generation will maintain our tradition here in the Brazilian market, because once again we led the group of light SUVs in the country. Kia towards the leadership of the global market. of hybrid and electric vehicles. With the new Sportage, we intend to surprise consumers in electric models”, says José Luiz Gandini, president of Kia Brazil.

In Brazil, Sportage is available in seven colors – Verde Aventura (metallic), Red Infra (metallic), White Casa (solid), White Luxury (pearlized), Black Pearl (pearlized), Silver Lunar (metallic) and Gray Penta (metallic). . R$ 2,800.00 is added for metallic and pearl colors.

In both versions, Sportage has several ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance System technologies, starting with driver fatigue warnings (DAW), blind spot collision avoidance (BCW), rear collision avoidance and cross traffic (RCCW). , safe output (SEW); centering and positioning assistants (LKA/LFA), high beam (HBA), for forward collision avoidance (FCA); reversing camera with dynamic parking guides (RVM) and front and rear parking sensors (PDW).

This “letter soup” is further expanded in the EX Prestige version with Forward Collision Avoidance Assist including Cross Turning (FCA-JT), 360º Vision Cameras (SVM), Blind Spot Monitor with Digital Instruments (BVM) and Adaptive Cruise Control and congestion. assistant (SCC

The Sportage’s warranty is 5 years, with a 48V battery and MHEV system.