New Kia Sorento arrives in Brazil in March

New Kia Sorento arrives in Brazil in March

The New Kia Sorento is on the radar of the Gandini group, which is planning the latest generation of the brand’s large mid-size SUV, according to Estadão newspaper.

When asked, Kia revealed that the car that was seen by the newspaper in measurements and without being hidden was in the process of being homotized.

In the dealers, the arrival of the New Kia Sorento is considered normal for the next few months, but some claim that it will arrive in March and for pre-sales in February.

The New Kia Sorento is currently manufactured in South Korea, the United States and Vietnam, with a length of 4,810 meters, a width of 1,900 meters, a height of 1,700 meters and a wheelbase of 2,815 meters.

In its fourth generation, the Kia Sorento basically uses a bigger engine, just like the previous generations.

The exception is the Smartstream-G 1.6 TGDI used in the plug-in hybrid version, which may come to the Brazilian market, given that the Gandini group invests in the power supply.

In this variant, it has a power of 265 horses, but there is another standard hybrid with 230 horses, without external recharging, which also attracts the market.

This option will make the New Kia Sorento more attractive in relation to the Jeep Commander, its main rival and also a seven-seater, which is currently betting on diesel power.

It would also be a way to have a higher price in the plugin version. In addition to these two options, the New Kia Sorento uses many options from the Smartstream-G 2.5 and V6 3.5.

In this first one, Novo Sorento even has a version of 2.5 points of 180 horses, suitable for the secondary market, as Brazil was treated until recently by Kia.

In addition to the 194 horsepower 2.5 GDi, there is also a 285 horsepower 2.5 Turbo and a 272 horsepower 3.5 V6. There is a 202 2.2 CRDi diesel option.

The New Kia Sorento has an eight-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive or AWD, but in the HEV, PHEV and 2.5 MPi versions, the automatic gearbox has six gears.

[Fonte: Estadão]