New KIA Niro EV 2022, Unveiled in Scandinavian Countries

New KIA Niro EV 2022, Unveiled in Scandinavian Countries

Previously, the KIA e-Niro and now the KIA Niro EV. In the Scandinavian nations, the South Korean company has begun promoting the next generation of electric crossovers. Sweden, in particular, is the first nation in the European market to have pricing for the latest generation of the model.

The KIA Niro’s latest generation has already been unveiled, albeit sales on the Old Continent have not yet begun. The crossover has undergone a dramatic transformation both inside and out, a clear indication of the Korean house’s determination to acquire a far more sophisticated market and to do so while raising the flag of the most modern electrification technology.

Indeed, KIA introduced the next generation of the Niro without conventional combustion engines, once again counting on several degrees of electrification: from basic hybrid to electric, and finally to plug-in hybrid. With the exception of a few minor elements, there will be few significant variations between the two versions. The Koreans have already sketched the initial technical details of the first generation of the KIA HEV that will enter the market. However, this will not be the one that opens simultaneously in all European markets; rather, the company has chosen to differentiate across nations.

The KIA division in Sweden has already announced the prices for the three versions, as well as the technical specifications for the zero emission option, confirming what we already knew: it retains the same powertrain as the KIA Niro EV, which means it has an electric motor capable of producing a maximum power of 150 kW – equivalent to 204 CV – and a maximum torque of 255 Nm available from the start.

The electric motor is powered by a 64.8 kWh battery, which provides a range of up to 463 kilometers in zero emission mode and on a single charge, which is only 8 kilometers more than the predecessor. While this is a little quantity, the charging method is more significant, as it can now recover up to 80% of the overall energy in only 43 minutes. One of the most noteworthy innovations of this new KIA Niro EV, along with the large increase in storage room, is the installation of a tiny “frunk,” as the front trunk is called, with 20 liters.

Three trim options will be available for the new KIA Niro EV: “Action,” “Advance,” and “Advance Plus.” A trio that is fully equipped and leaves few components out, with the following endowments and pricing, with order books now open and units planned to be delivered next summer.

New KIA Niro EV will satisfy all your driving needs

The KIA Niro EV is an all-electric model that boasts an exceptional range and plenty of cool features, like the multi-vision camera, to make it convenient and fun to drive. If you’re in the market for an EV that you can count on, this car should be at the top of your list! Check out the incredible new KIA Niro EV 2022!

Bold Design

The design of the New KIA Niro EV is not just beautiful, but practical too. The aerodynamic shape makes it easy to drive, park and carry on. In addition, New KIA Niro EV can be charged at home or work and through a public charging network that enables you to travel long distances with confidence.

For example, it would take just three hours for a full charge at a DC fast charger (CCS-compatible) compared to eight hours on a Level 2 AC charger (J1772). And since range anxiety can often cause drivers to charge excessively slowly or avoid using their vehicles altogether, charging via multiple DC fast chargers allows you flexibility in how and where you choose to charge up.

KIA Niro EV 2022

Equipped with Level 3 Autonomous Driving Technology

The driver of a Level 3 autonomous vehicle can safely turn their attention away from driving tasks and switch to another activity. The system alerts them if it detects that they are not ready to retake control of steering or braking functions.

This allows these vehicles to operate in automated mode for some sections of road, allowing for a more seamless transition between full-auto mode, which is potentially useful for long stretches of highway with no traffic or obstacles, and manual control, which is optimal in stop-and-go traffic or challenging weather conditions. All Niro vehicles feature Honda SensingTM technology as standard equipment.

Sensus In-Vehicle Infotainment System

The next-generation infotainment system has been designed to enhance, not distract. Incorporating a responsive seven-inch touch screen with swipe and pinch capabilities, you can connect with apps that suit your lifestyles such as Google MapsTM, StitcherTM, Pandora®, and AccuWeather.

Built-in Android AutoTM allows you to use voice commands to access these same apps while on the road. And Apple CarPlayTM allows seamless integration of iPhone® functions like Siri® and Music in to Sensus. These features can be controlled from either touchscreen or steering wheel buttons.

Niro EV Powertrain Options

The Niro EV comes with one, two, or three electric motors. The standard model features a single electric motor and a 64 kWh battery, which provides up to 186 miles of EPA-estimated range. With an 8-year/100,000-mile battery warranty and an available 10-year/150,000-mile powertrain warranty, you can rest assured that your investment is protected and that you’ll enjoy continued value over time. A two-motor version ups efficiency by providing more low-end torque while reducing range—in return for a zero-emission sticker and CA emissions exemption.

Safety Assurance Systems

The car is equipped with a comprehensive safety system. First and foremost, there’s autonomous emergency braking (AEB) that can detect obstacles from up to 78 feet away. If necessary, it automatically applies braking force and even helps steer away from a collision.

The car also comes with adaptive cruise control that keeps track of speed limits, so you never have to worry about getting a speeding ticket. The lane-keeping assist warns you when you start drifting out of your lane by gently applying steering force on your side until you’re back in bounds again. Finally, for heightened visibility during night driving, there are active headlamps that project light right where it’s needed most.

Seamless charging experience

The revolutionary plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) gets its charging power from a 120 V/15 A or 240 V/20 A single-phase household outlet. Charging on a standard, three-prong household outlet takes 4.5 hours and gives approximately 32 miles of range per hour of charge.

With a higher amperage (up to 40 A) 240V Level 2 charging station, charging time is significantly reduced – down to 3 hours for an 80% charge and 30 minutes for an 80% charge using DC Fast Charging technology. This makes it easy to recharge at home overnight (or during work hours) using standard equipment that most people already have in their garage or carport.

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