Honda continues to develop elements of its big novel for 2023: Hornet. A motorcycle that will have a 755 cc inline twin3 which will develop 90 horsepower and therefore may be offered in the A2 version.

Along with its future Hornet, which should be revealed at the summer show, Honda has developed an entirely new engine that should serve as the basis for several other models in production. A medium-sized twin-cylinder engine with a power of 90 horsepower and a torque of 75 Nm which, according to the world’s leading manufacturer, will give a “spicy” character, while the brand has also confirmed the 8-valve Unicam transmission with a fixed crankshaft. 270°. Announced light and which relies more on its mid-range to convince, especially the A2 clearances of the future.

Fuyuki Hosokawa, Head of Development for Hornet 2023:

“Hornet has always been a special motorcycle for Honda. Driving pleasure, excitement and performance were systematically linked with agile behavior and low weight. Before working on this project, we thought long and hard about what kind of performance we wanted to deliver for the rider. We knew it was important to maintain the high-rpm power peak that was the Hornet’s signature. But at the same time, as it is a new generation for today’s use, we wanted the engine to be very generous in torque and deliver real sensations between low and medium frequencies. And all this combined with the easiest and fastest possible behavior, to make every trip – even a simple trip around town – an exciting and interesting time for testing.

To get the kind of performance and driving dynamics we wanted, we knew we’d have to build a completely new engine, a square-twin with a 270°-tuned crank. This would allow us to get not only this famous surplus of power at high revs but also sports torque at the bottom of the turn. The perfect combination of efficient driving in the city and maximum pleasure from every corner on the road.