new for Panda and 500X

new for Panda and 500X

At the beginning of 2022, the Fiat range is full of small new things, especially the arrival of the Tipo Cross SW. For its part, the 500X benefits from minor modifications. Change is all about logos!

This is especially visible on the front: the Fiat logo is replaced by a large 500 logo, as it was on the new electric city car. At the rear, the old Fiat logo on a red base is replaced by new, larger letters placed directly into the bodywork. With these small changes, Fiat confirms that it does not yet intend to replace its compact SUV. No other changes have been announced at the moment, while we were looking at the arrival of a small hybrid under the hood.

The 500 logo arrives on the 500 X’s grille.

As for the Panda, we see the arrival of a special RED series. This was first launched with the 500 family models and has now been extended to the entire Fiat range (the Tipo has also received it). RED is the name of the association founded especially by the singer Bono, to fight the AIDS epidemic, but also now the Covid epidemic. RED partners with brands to raise funds.

For the Panda, RED is based on the City Cross variant, with an attractive appearance (but without all-wheel drive). It benefits from Red Passion body paint. RED badges are held on the door posts. On board, there is Seaqual upholstery, made from plastic collected from the sea. This model retains the 70 hp 1.0 hybrid block.

The price of Panda RED is €16,090.