New F1 Cars 2022 – Alfa Romeo C42 – Motorsport World

New F1 Cars 2022 – Alfa Romeo C42 – Motorsport World

Check out this post Photo and Photo of the new Alfa Romeo car for the season 2022 he gives F1O C42and what to expect from the team that was about to be bought by Andretti for this year:

Alpine Drivers in F1 2022:
24 – Guanyu Zhou (CHN)
77 – Valtteri Bottas (FIN)

About the topic of this post was Andretti’s new car for the 2022 F1 season. At the end of last year, Michael Andretti came very close to acquiring a Swiss team, but the deal was canceled at the last minute due to a dispute over the team command.

That way, everything remains as it was, and Alfa Romeo will prepare for the start of the 2022 championship, right?

Not amust. There are some differences between the team that starts in 2022 and the team that ends in 2021. The main one, of course, is the renewal of the driver pair. Kimi Raikkonen has retired, while Antonio Giovinazzi has not had his contract extended after three seasons.

In their place, Valtteri Bottas has arrived, after five seasons as Lewis Hamilton’s squire at Mercedes and who believes in the power of Alfa Romeo due to the good relationship he has with Fred Vasseur, the team boss, and the Chinese Guanyu Zhou, only. adding to last year’s F2 grid, mainly because of the funding it brings to the squad.

Continuity is always important for any F1 team, so changing all drivers at once is often a risky decision. But the arrival of the new technical regulation can simplify this process, as the competitors will need to start from scratch and take the hand of the new car.

Another big change is that the team is further away from Ferrari as a technical partner. The fleet continues to use engines made in Maranello and, of course, is sponsored by Alfa Romeo (a brand of the Stellantis group, along with Ferrari), but it saw Haas gain a place as a satellite team.

Part of this separation was caused by the leaders themselves. In order to renew the sponsorship contract with Alfa Romeo, the Swiss team demanded freedom to define the pairing of its drivers. Until last year, one of those positions was a Ferrari sign. This is how Charles Leclerc and Giovinazzi made their F1 debuts.

By the way, talking about the driver pair, there may be changes early next season. It’s no secret that the directors are betting on Frenchman Theo Pourchaire, 18 years old and considered one of the favorites for the F2 title this year.

It will not be easy to decide who will leave: Bottas’ experience or Zhou’s money.

Although the Pourchaire does not make it to F1, Alfa Romeo showed the C42, its new car for the 2022 season with a retro version, inspired by the carmaker’s design in the first years of the division.

On the technical side, the team, led by designer Jan Monchaux, is known for being one of the most innovative on the grid, although it is not always able to convert its creative ideas into performance.

On the C42, one of the highlights is the front wing, high in the middle and close to the ground at the tips, which could be a trend on the F1 grid. This solution favors the passage of air to the rear of the car.

On the side, the Swiss team followed the style of Red Bull and AlphaTauri in that the side of the car is well sculpted.

On the engine cover, the team removed the “ears” around Santantônio, which helped increase the cooling of the car. This time, the choice was for a traditional engine cover, similar to that of Ferrari and a very long shark fin, close to the limit of the canon.

It remains to be seen whether the squad’s innovative ideas will help them climb the ladder.


Money is not lacking for the Swiss team in the 2022 F1 season. The arrival of Chinese investors combined with the renewal of Alfa Romeo’s contract with Orlen (the Polish oil company brought in by reserve Robert Kubica) and the spending limit meant that the team had a slightly looser budget.

And successfully attracting Bottas was a good step forward on the grid. The Finn brings the experience of someone who is going into his tenth season in F1, he usually leads the way and can bring the good habits he learned while at Mercedes.


In 2021, we saw that the adjustment of drivers who changed teams in F1 took longer than expected. And for this year, Alfa Romeo has changed its duo immediately.

To make matters worse, while Bottas and Zhou needed to complete as many laps as possible during pre-season to speed up this adaptation process, the pair ended up being hampered by technical problems with Alfa Romeo’s new car for the 2022 F1 season and yet . they had to share the cockpit with Kubica, the team’s reserve.


The front wing is one of the strengths of the C42, Alfa Romeo’s new car for F1 2022 – image: alfa romeo/reveal
Alfa Romeo, C42, F1 2022, Formula 1, F1, new F1 cars 2022, new F1 cars, C42, 2022
For its new car, Alfa Romeo followed Red Bull’s style of having a photo gallery: alfa romeo/reveal
Alfa Romeo, C42, F1 2022, Formula 1, F1, new F1 cars 2022, new F1 cars, C42, 2022
The new Alfa Romeo C42, for the 2022 F1 season, seen from above – image: alfa romeo/reveal
Alfa Romeo, C42, F1 2022, Formula 1, F1, new F1 cars 2022, new F1 cars, C42, 2022
The rear of Alfa Romeo’s new C42 car for F1 2022 – image: alfa romeo/reveal

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